DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post May
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Wednesday, 25th May, 2022

Bible Reading: Psalm 86:10, 96:3

Memory VerseO LORD, how many and varied are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your riches and Your creatures. Psalm 104:24 (AMP) 

Minister Dunsin Oyekan was on his piano on a particular night worshipping God when he heard the thunder blast and the lightning strike. Suddenly, the song Amazing dropped in his spirit. Can you see how men get inspiration? Just be sensitive to the moves of the Holy Spirit per time. But really, isn’t God amazing? Psalm 92:5 (AMP), “How great are Your works, O LORD! Your thoughts are very deep [beyond man’s understanding].”  You may not appreciate the blessings of sound health until you are close to death in excruciating pain.

A man was sick. Doctors said he must be given oxygen. When they presented his bill to him he bursted into tears. He cried not because he couldn’t foot the bills, but because he remembered that there is an amazing God who haven’t collected a dime from him for the free gift of air in over 60 years. There are many blessings we take for granted, beloved. It cost about $5 per hour to buy oxygen in some places, but this amazing God has bountifully been supplying you without asking for a dime. You remember the last time you were sick unto death? Cast your mind to those periods you couldn’t pay for your bills, you couldn’t provide for your family, things weren’t working, and prophecies seemed to be delayed.

This amazing God saw you through. If we have a thousand tongues, it won’t be enough to thank the Lord for great and marvellous things He has done. The creatures also hail His majesty. The trees swing from left to right to worship His majesty. The mountains skip like rams at His appearing. The ocean rejoice at His coming. You are the all-powerful, all-glorious, and all-knowing God. O Lord, you are unsearchable, indefatigable, and incredible. You know the end from the beginning. Trying to know your beginning or your end has always being an effort in futility. Hail the King of Glory. You are the Amazing God.

Quote: Only an amazing God does amazing things. 

Prophetic Decree: This amazing God shall do amazing things in your life, in Jesus name. 

Prayer Focus

1. You reign the ancient Zion King. You are the Amazing God.

2. By your name called Amazing, do amazing things in my life this day, in Jesus name.

3. By your name called Amazing, crush every evil prophecy and evil words hovering over my head, in Jesus name.

4. By your name called Amazing, crush the head of the serpent of my father’s house, in Jesus name.

5. By your name called Amazing, convert every impossibility in my life to possibility, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:    1 Chronicles 23-25

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