DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post September
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Sunday, 1st October 2023

Bible Reading: Judges 14: 1-2

Memory Verse Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts and passions. Romans 6:12 (AMP)

Credit to the grace of God upon Pastor Adewale Adebisi. It is a pity that most people can’t really differentiate true love from infatuation. Infatuation is being completely carried away by an attraction to someone. The dictionary calls it “being blindly in love”. What that means is that you are so carried away by this attraction that you do not know what you are doing. If you are blind to the person’s fault, you think he is perfect, other people may see faults but you are blind to them. The person involved in a romantic infatuation usually cannot think of anything or anyone else other than the person he or she is in ‘love’ with. An infatuation is an “emotional high” experience but it never lasts long because it is not true love. Longman dictionary of contemporary English defines it as unreasonably strong feelings of love that you only have for a short time, especially for someone you do not know very well. When you are infatuated, you do not use your common sense, your romantic feelings are in control. When infatuated you can do things you will regret for the rest of your life.

Infatuation is an intense feeling of attraction for someone or something. Often mistaken for love, infatuation can feel like the real thing but usually last only a short time. Infatuation is emotional and highly self-centered. When you are infatuated, you have that “over the moon” euphoria that makes everything seem happier. However, infatuation cares little about the needs or long-term best interests of its object; it only wants the feeling to continue. Infatuation may lead to long-term love but by itself is not enough to sustain a relationship. Does the Bible say anything about infatuation?

The book of Judges gives us an example of a Bible character who experienced infatuation. Samson had been chosen before birth to lead God’s people. But, like many in whom God has placed great potential, Samson got full of himself. He thought he should have whatever he wanted, and when he became infatuated with a girl who was not on God’s approved list, he demanded that his father get her for him (Judges 14:1–2)…

Quote: True love is not blind.

Prophetic Decree: Receive power to rule over your flesh, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Lord, I repent of every lust and infatuation, in Jesus name.

2. Holy Spirit, wherever I have sold myself, please retrieve me, in Jesus name.

3. My Father, please separate me from every ungodly friendship, in Jesus name.

4. I cut myself off from every evil soul-tie, in Jesus name.

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