DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post March
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Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Bible Reading: Eccl. 3: 1-8
Memory Verse: To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1(NKJV)

Learn further wisdom from Ayodele Dada. He was honoured by the House of
Representative in Abuja, Nigeria during one of its plenary sessions – an honour that has
never been given to anyone. Since then, he has received many awards and job offers.
Talk 4: To sustain his GP (Grade Point) he did all assignments, tests, and exams with due
Lesson 4: Our final outcome is a sum total of series of small successes achieved over
Talk 5: Ayo avoided the distraction of the social media. He was on social media only on
his laptop to put himself in check and did not actively participate until his final year.
Lesson 5: Great success comes with great discipline. There is a price for every prize in
Talk 6: He was not in any serious relationship because he read that people who achieved
the strongest grades in school were single at the time. He maintained good relationship
with everyone without any string attached.
Lesson 6: The Power of Focus. You cannot be fondling with your emotions and expect to
come out excellent. There is time for everything.
Talk 7: He hope to have furthered his education in the next five years and to have been
really distinguished in the next ten years.
Lesson 7: You need to have a short term goal and a long term goal. Let your vision drive

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Joshua 9 – 11

Quote: Time is one of the greatest & commonest asset given to everyone.

Prophetic Decree: You shall sail above every hurdle and get to your expected end in
Jesus name.

Prayer Focus:

  1. Thank you Father for sending your Word to me today.
  2. I decree I shall stand out in my generation in the name of Jesus.
  3. I receive grace to rewrite my family history in the name of Jesus.
  4. I rebuke failure locked up in my foundation in the name of Jesus.
  5. What stopped my parents shall not stop me in the name of Jesus.

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