DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional
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The Scripture cannot be broken. Proverbs 27:17 (ESV) says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”. There will always be a good reason for ministers of the Gospel to come together in order to pray, brainstorm, and sharpen one another. Infact, there are topical issues in our nation until we come together in one voice. 

Credit to God’s grace upon Apostle Christian Nwoke. We must not be oblivious of the peculiarities of the last days. Today, some ministers’ conferences are subtle satanic traps, designed to make you fall into a deep love affair with mammon. Your soul that was once satisfied with godliness is now striving to ascend into the hills of Zion and make a name “for yourself” at all cost. You have now heard that result terminates insults, so all the “insults” in your life must stop now by all means by the arm of flesh without much prayers and yielding to divine process.

Then, a once heaven bound soldier begins calculating how to adjust his messages to a user friendly mode so that even yahoo boys can become ushers. Ritualists can sit comfortably at the Church board because God is a good God after all (this is his new mindset after ministers’ conference). Result, Result, Result, must come by all means. This message of the Cross, Repentance, Righteous living, Faithfulness, Heart-felt Prayer to God is yielding nothing after all…

See my colleagues in this conference, they don’t make emphasis on this old Gospel and they have great results, several wealthy men partner with their ministries, so why should I even continue in this old path that isn’t yielding visible result (this thought keeps resonating in his heart after listening to “conference sermons”

Do you still remember that even Satan once held a ministers’ conference in heaven with the intent to overthrow the righteous government of God? After Satan’s conference in heaven, even Angels were no longer satisfied with the faithfulness of God. They revolted against God until they were cast down. Even angels were no more interested in the route called Divine Process. If this could befall Angels, how about men? 

One evidence that characterizes such Ministers’ conference is that men are no longer satisfied with the present help of God as they begin to seek for another route because “they must make it by fire and by force”. Any route that can birth instant result is now embraced by the man, because the very spirit that guided Lucifer to a fall in Isaiah 14, now works in them. So, after ministers’ conference, the ministers are in deep need of deliverance. Selah! 

Well, it is good to network, but may our networking not take away heaven network from us. May the Lord help us!

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