DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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Monday, 22nd February, 2021.

Bible Reading: Genesis 15: 12-14

Memory VerseAnd it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah65:24

God SOMETIMES uses delay to prevent His own from imminent destruction and at other times, to prepare His own for a higher calling or blessings. Many times, it seems the greater the promise, the longer the period of preparation. Your wilderness season will have “Supervisor Delay” as one of its officials. Wait on God, He is always faithful to His words. An assured part of God’s pledged blessing to us is delay and suffering.

A delay in Abraham’s own lifetime that seemed to put God’s pledge beyond fulfillment was followed by seemingly unendurable delay of Abraham’s descendants. But it was only a delay: they “came out with great substance.” (Gen 15:14). The pledge was redeemed. “God is going to test you with delays; and with the delays will come suffering, but through it all stands God’s pledge: His new covenant with me in Christ, and His inviolable promise of every lesser blessing that I need.

The delay and the suffering are part of the promised blessing; let me praise Him for them today; and let me wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen my heart — C. G. Trumbull. Be blessed by few verses of the hymn

“Unanswered prayer” written by Miss Ophelia G. Browning:

Unanswered yet the prayer your lips have pleaded

In agony of heart these many years?

Does faith begin to fail? Is hope departing?

And think you all in vain those falling tears?

Say not the Father hath not heard your prayer;

You shall have your desire sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Nay do not say ungranted;

Perhaps your work is not yet wholly done.

The work began when first your prayer was uttered,

And God will finish what He has begun.

If you will keep the incense burning there,

His glory you shall see sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Faith cannot be unanswered,

Her feet are firmly planted on the Rock;

Amid the wildest storms she stands undaunted,

Nor quails before the loudest thunder shock.

She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer,

And cries, “It shall be done”—sometime, somewhere.

Caution: You must stand against any form of delay from the devil. He has come to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Receive grace for discernment, in Jesus name.

Quote: Sometimes you are delayed where you are because God knows there is a storm where you are headed. Be grateful.

Prophetic Decree: Your season of delay is over, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Jesus for you are always ready to hear and answer my prayers.

2. I bring to an end any ungodly delay in my life sponsored by Satan, in Jesus name.

3. Supernatural speed, come upon all my expected prayers, in Jesus name.

4. Any evil prince delaying my answered prayers in the second heavens, die, in Jesus name.

5. I receive grace for rapid manifestations of all my prayers, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Leviticus 26-27

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