DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Saturday, 21st January, 2017


Bible reading: Col. 3:8, Heb. 4:12.

Memory Verse: “Be angry without doing wrong; let not the sun go down on your wrath” Ephesians 4:26(BBE)

  1. Resolve it quickly (Eccl. 7:9; Eph. 4:26).
  2. Anger can help you protect yourself, but, make sure it is not your fuel to rationalize yourself out of your responsibility (1 Sam. 31:4).
  3.  It is OK to be angry; it is how you handle it that matters. Try to spend time in prayer and read the Book of Psalms to calm down. Go for a walk (do not take a drive!) or exercise to help release your stress. Make sure you pray for those frustrating you (Acts 24:16).
  4. Focus on Christ, and His interests (Phil. 2:4).
  5. Focus on the root cause of anger, not the person or situation (Prov. 29:11).
  6. Ask yourself, “Have I analysed the circumstances correctly, or am I overreacting? “From experience, 95% of people overreact!
  7. Ask for help from an impartial friend, a counsellor, or pastor. Make sure you do not aim your anger at them (Matt. 5:23-24).
  8. Ask yourself, “Why am I angry?” Why do I feel this way?” What did I do to spur this on?” Why am I threatened?” What are my “hot buttons,”?” “Will my anger be a benefit, or a hindrance? ” Am I focused on God, or am I focused on my expectations and comfort? ” How will my anger benefit my spiritual growth, my witness, and God’s call in my life? “There is a bigger picture and reason to life than what you may be feeling (Prov. 15:18; 29:22).
  9. Seek and resolve the problem without being rational (Matt. 7:1-5).
  10. Perhaps God is using you to confront someone; if so, do it with tact (Prov. 15:1; Eph. 4).

Quote: When Angry, Stay Under the Control of the Holy Spirit until He diffuses your emotion.

Prophetic Word: Receive grace to triumph over every work of anger in your life, in Jesus name.

Prayer points

  1. Spirit of uncontrollable anger, die, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Holy Spirit, please take control of my negative emotions of anger, in the name of Jesus.

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