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There are many little things often trivialized in business but which often speaks volume. Shall we consider some of such “little things” that could make you a better Christian business man. Credit to the works of Dr. K.N. Jacobs. 

Never pick phones in business meetings. Never give an excuse for lateness. Arrive ten minutes earlier for business appointments. Avoid politics, religion and the latest gossip in town. Don’t loiter at the reception. Don’t keep rushing to restrooms. Sit where advised. And don’t watch movies on your phone as you wait to be ushered in the office or board room. That’s why they keep magazines at the reception. 

Know your host’s name. Names and tittles matter. With a smile, introduce yourself. Stop imagining you are a celeb. Acknowledge everyone. Keep handshake formal. You can hug your daughter later when you go home. Keep your language formal. Reserve pet names for your sweetheart. Respect people’s personal space. Offices are not night clubs. Listen without interrupting and keep yourself composed. 

Dress appropriately for your business date, it’s not a romantic outing. And if you are the one who made the invitation, pay for the dinner. Tip the waiter. It’s part of the business ethos. If someone else is hosting the business dinner/lunch, don’t eat till the host starts. Eat and drink very moderately. A business cocktail is not meant to be a feast but an opportunity to build rapport and agree on your business deal.  If you want respect in your office, keep sex out of business. Flirting at work is ungodly. And keep your work space neat. Orderliness reveals one’s organizational skills. Never read your colleagues emails and text messages. Unless s/he is your life partner. Address business calls formally and courteously. Return missed phone calls. Keep emails formal. Reply emails. Own up your mistakes. And make use of magic words – please, sorry, and thank you.

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