DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post October
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Wednesday, 19th October, 2022

Bible Reading:  Isaiah 49: 24-26

Memory Verse: But the LORD has promised to fight on our side and to rescue our children from those strong and violent enemies. Isaiah 49:25 (CEV)

It is wisdom indeed to pray: O Lord, walk back to my foundation and heal me. But, this prayer point may not be necessary if we handle our children’s deliverance right early. When the devil discovers a shining star, he starts working on such right early as a child. That is why it is often said that you should take physical and spiritual precautions over your children. Be careful of who bath them, what they eat, where they go, who their friends are, their teachers, and especially who lays hands on their head.

A former cultist saw a young mad man by the road side. He was so sad. He wasn’t himself during the Church service he went for. His Pastor called him after the service to know what the problem was. He said when his friend and himself were in the occult, they stole and shared the glory of the young mad man during his naming ceremony many years ago. The destiny of that child had been reduced to zero.

Thank God the Pastor knew what to do. He told them to go bring the mad man and destiny restoration prayers started. If you become careless, what could make your children great could be stolen right in their mother’s womb before delivery or just immediately after birth. There are people with evil eyes all over the place. Be sensitive and watchful. A mother was pregnant of twins. She didn’t know God so she resulted to traditional medicine.

She gave birth to the first child at the house of the herbalist then the pregnancy became complicated. In a bid to seek for medical help in other to save the second child, they met an old friend who dragged them into a revival meeting holding at his church. Prayers were made and the second child was born. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the destinies of those two children born the same day at two different spiritual atmosphere will not be the same.

Daddies and mummies, where your child was born, the spiritual condition of the doctor and nurses, the spiritual sanity of the hospital, etc, can shape the destiny of a child. Destiny fulfillment is a serious fight.

Quote:  If you don’t address the devil as a serpent, you may be forced to address him as a dragon.

Prophetic Decree: Any attack from hell over your children shall backfire, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. O Lord, walk back to my foundation and correct my childhood, in Jesus name.

2. Wherever the shadow of my child has been pinned down, be released and set free, in Jesus name.

3. My photocopy disappear, my original manifest, in Jesus name.

4. My Father (3ce), restore the glory of my children, in Jesus name.

5. Any strongman in my father’s house manipulating the destiny of my children, O ground, swallow such alive, in Jesus name.

6. I stand as a spiritual authority over my children and I cancel every ancestral evil curse and evil covenant working against their destinies, in Jesus name

7. I stand as a spiritual authority over my children and I decree glory restoration by the power of resurrection, in Jesus name.

8. Praise Jesus.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Matthew 15; Mark 7

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