DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post June
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Fri Jun 9, 2017.

Bible reading: Romans 1:24-28
Memory Verse: For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change their natural use into that which is against nature. Romans 1:26

Ex-Lesbian, now a famed Mexican Evangelist, Isabél Contreras was the most unlikely person on earth to become a traveling preacher. Raised in a Catholic family in southern Mexico, she became an atheist at 14, explored Satanism during high school and began living la vida loca—the crazy life—when she became an amateur volleyball player. She drank heavily, embraced a lesbian lifestyle and even sold her body as a same-sex prostitute during the three years she lived in Mexico City.

But all that changed when she found Jesus at age 21. No one had to tell her to stop having sex with other women. After her conversion, she invited 25 of her lesbian friends to a dinner and announced that she was a Christian. “You are welcome to join me,” she said, after inviting them to her charismatic church. “Otherwise you can pretend you never knew me. The old Isabél is dead.” Her lesbian friends weren’t happy with the drastic change. They even hired a girl to try to seduce her, but Isabél didn’t fall for the scheme. “I knew I would never go back into that life,” she said. “I knew my decision to follow Jesus was all or nothing.”
And thus began an unusual journey for a woman who has become a respected minister in a male-dominated country marked by its machismo. Now 54, Isabél has planted two churches. From her base in La Paz, in the Baja peninsula, she has preached in every state in Mexico and in five other nations.
Being a minister is not easy for Isabél, even though she has traveled for 20 years as a prophet and Bible teacher. When she visits a new city she often learns that she’s the first woman ever to preach there. Some male pastors have angrily confronted her, telling her that God doesn’t anoint women to share the gospel. She usually reminds them of the Biblical story of Balaam. “If a donkey can speak for God, so can I,” she says.

Isabél believes her homosexual struggle began at age 11 when an older girl molested her in a dark closet. Today she speaks freely neutralizing the battle that many girls and women are facing.”

Quote:  Your terrible sexual past is a great platform to showcase God’s eternal plan in your glorious future.
Prophetic Word: Receive deliverance from every sexual sin, in Jesus name.
Prayer Focus
1) I break away from the spirit of sexual pollution, in Jesus name.
2) Foundational powers tying me down to sexual addiction, die, in the name of Jesus.
3) I cut from every power tying me to (lesbianism, homosexualism, masturbation), in Jesus name.

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