DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Monday, 16th January, 2017

Bible reading: Num. 20:1-13

Memory Verse:“Do not be friends with a man who is given to wrath; do not go in the company of an angry man”Proverbs 22:24(BBE).

The first level of anger is Irritation. This is a feeling of uneasiness that is brought about by an unpleasant disturbance. Irritation is a feeling of being annoyed or distressed. It causes resentment. E.g. Ife, the 2yr old sister of Ola messed the toilet up. This got Ola irritated.

The second level of anger is Indignation. Indignation is a reaction to something that is perceived to be unreasonable or unfair. This is typified as righteous anger or outrage. e.g.The person who stole Eze’s Biology note did great indignation against him. Please read 2 Kings 3:26-27.

The third level of anger is Wrath. When anger reaches this level, it must be expressed in some way. Wrath is belligerence (aggression) aroused by a real or supposed wrong. This is intense anger. Wrath comes with a strong desire to avenge or defend oneself. e.g. If Eze harassed Godson as the suspect who stole his notes after school hours.

The fourth level of anger is Fury. Fury is usually manifested in acts of violence that are accompanied by a loss of control. Fury is defined as a state of violent mental agitation, being wild or turbulent. E.g. If Eze nabbed Godson, the suspect who stole his notes after school hours, and beats him up.

The fifth level of anger is Rage. Rage is the most hostile and dangerous stage. Rage can overcome people with explosive acts of brutality that are devoid of any conscious awareness of their violent outburst. E.g. Eze nabbed Godson, and beats him with a metallic object until he fell into coma.

Quote: We get angry primarily because we want to fight for ourselves.

Prophetic Word: Anger shall find no hiding place in your bosom in Jesus name.

Prayer Points:

  1. My Father, deliver me from anger, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Holy Spirit, crucify the spirit of anger in my life on the cross, now and forever, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Blood of Jesus, purge my gene from anger, in the name of Jesus.

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