DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post May
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Tuesday, 7th May 2024

Bible Reading: Proverbs 9:9, Psalm 119:9

Memory VerseThe student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacherLuke 6:40 (NLT)

First, I must celebrate the efforts of seasoned educators and passionate teachers who go the extra mile to impact knowledge formally and informally all year long. Believe me, it is not always easy to transfer knowledge. Wisdom, skill, a touch of professionalism and divinity, are some of the needed ingredients for an effective transfer of knowledge.

I once shared with you when an alma mater of the University of Ibadan pledged a whooping sum of a million dollars during a fund raising ceremony of his institution in appreciation of the good works of his lecturers. Thanks to all seasoned educators. However, much needs to be done especially in the third world nations of the world.

A group of aeronautical engineering professors were invited to fly for free on a new aircraft that was just being introduced. As the door was closing and the plane was about to take off, a voice over the intercom said, “Thank you for your confidence in taking the inaugural flight on this new aircraft. It was designed and built by all of your students over this past year.

All the professors began to unbuckle their seatbelts and make their way to the exit door of the plane, with the exception of one, who remained calmly seated with a smile on his face. One of the professors who was standing in line to exit the plane asked him why he wasn’t getting off the plane, knowing that the plane was built by some of his recent students.

The Professor replied, “Because they are our students.” Another professor who was standing close by asked, “So you are sure that you taught your students well enough to build this? The sitting professor smiled and said, “No, I’m not sure, but I AM sure that it won’t fly.” As humorous and ridiculous as this testimony may sound, it calls for serious concern.

Shall we sound a great warning to teachers and lecturers. Your responsibility goes beyond a job; it is a divine assignment. Build destinies with the fear of God. You are accountable on this earth and in the future to come. Outdated curriculum, focus on selling handouts, sleeping with your students in exchange for marks, paying large sums of money in exchange of marks or a raise in CGPA in exchange for money must be stopped.

Teachers and lecturers, please discharge your responsibility optimally in the fear of God. Know for sure that you are accountable both in time and eternity.

Quote: Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system – Sidney Hook.

Prophetic Decree: May the power of God purge the education system, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus 

1. Thank you Father for all teachers

2. O Lord, bless all teachers and lecturers, and meet them also at the point of their needs, in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, please give us leaders who will prioritise the educational sector, in Jesus name.

4. With the broom of fire, we sweep out unrepentant pollutants in our educational sector, in Jesus name.

5. We pray for wisdom, divine inspiration and grace to communicate knowledge effectively, and to provoke the best of students upon all teachers and lecturers, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 2 Samuel 6-7, 1 Chronicles 17

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