DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post March
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Thursday, 8th March, 2018

Bible Reading: Psalm 146: 7-9, 9: 7-8
Memory Verse: How blessed are those who keep justice, Who practice righteousness
at all times! Psalm 106:3

Wayne Rooney is a top sticker in the English Premiership. Sometime ago, he was caught
drinking alcohol while driving. He was hit with a two-year driving ban, fined and a 12-
month community order with 100 hours on unpaid community work. He was also fined
two weeks’ salary by the Toffees – Everton Football Club – where he plays. He faced the
wrath of the law despite his high profile as a public figure.

A Magistrate’s Court in an Africa Country once sentenced a man to six months
imprisonment for stealing a ram kept for Sallah (a Muslim celebration) but there are
hundreds of public officers in that same country who have stashed away millions of
public funds in local and foreign accounts who are yet to be tried or arraigned in the
same court. This is gross injustice and inequity.

If we must grow, justice and equity must be upheld. No sacred cow. Our God is not a
respecter of persons. His standards are sure having a seal (2 Tim. 2:19). Every citizen
must be treated with fairness and the rule of law must be upheld. Where is our
conscience as a nation? When are we going to get things right? To prevent assault or
imminent shame, a Prime Minister resigned from his elected office while in some Africa
countries, we have Presidents who have been there for close to three decades. Surely,
he must have exhausted all innovations and ideas at his disposal putting his country in
the dark. Come Lord save the Africa continent.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Numbers 31 – 32
Quote: God is not a respecter of persons.
Prophetic Decree: The Lord shall bring justice in all the nations of the earth in Jesus
Prayer Focus:

  1. Father, forgive our sin of injustice as a nation and as individuals in Jesus name.
  2. We enforce the kingdom of God on earth, in Jesus name.
  3. We stop every activity of wickedness in our public system, in Jesus name.
  4. Father use me as a vessel who will uphold your statutes in Jesus name.
  5. Father, reign over the earth, in Jesus name

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