DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post September
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Saturday, 30th September, 2023

Bible Reading: Isaiah 1:18a

Memory VerseCome now, and let us debate your case,” Says the LORD. Isaiah 1:18a (NASB)

Really, some cultures are hard on people especially ladies who are old enough to be married but are unmarried. However, it is better to be late than to be late. It is better not to enter into a wrong relationship than to be looking for an exit. Why should you marry late yet unhappy? Signs that you are becoming too desperate may be:

1. You make any potential suitor who comes near you believe you can’t do without them: Such people will feel powerful like he/she is doing you a favour. Chasing a potential suitor with unnecessary calls, sms or sexual intimacy, begging, etc, are all signs of desperation. Consciously and unconsciously, human beings are wired to take desperate people for granted.

2. Move in with him/her: He is yet to mention ‘marr-‘ as in ‘marriage’, yet you collect his spare key and move your things into his place, living with him, doing morning and night duties. Tell me, why exactly does he need to pay your bride price or see your parents then? Similarly, there are men who are sex slaves to wealthy women. They run around like a househelp with the hope of inheriting what they never worked for. They look forward to marriage not for love but for wealth.

3. You expect and accept irresponsibility by constantly making excuses: He cheats on you, and you say “Men will always be men”; but you go after the lady he cheated with instead of holding him accountable. He beats you up, and you tell people it was your fault. On the other hand, you perceive she cannot cook, does not dress well, she’s abusive, a talkative, etc, but you keep excusing it. Please talk it out amicably in God’s wisdom.

4. You never ask the hard questions: You can see he/she is not being responsible and constantly making wrong decisions, but you keep quiet. Every time, “I don’t want my baby to be angry oh”. “I don’t want to offend my boo boo”. If you can’t talk it out in courtship, then you will have to accept it in marriage.

QuoteIt is better to wait on God to bring the right person than to wait on God to change the wrong person – Pastor Vlad

Prophetic Decree:  You will marry your divine spec whether the devil likes it or not, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus 

1. Thank you Father because you have prepared the best for me in marriage, and I shall not miss out, in Jesus name.

2. I come against the spirit of desperation to marry either by hook or by crook, in Jesus name.

3. I unseat any man or woman sitting on my marriage, in Jesus name.

4. I retrieve back my marital garment from the hands of the strongman, in Jesus name.

5. Let the wind of marital favour blow my destiny spouse to me, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Malachi 1-4

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