DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Tuesday, 11th April 2023

Bible Reading: Psalm 34: 4-5, 9-10

Memory VerseThe LORD is my shepherd; I have what I need. Psalm 23:1 (CSB)

A rich man was once interviewed on an Israeli TV programme. He was a billionaire. He was asked if he had ever been surprised by anything. He said Yes. On one of his many trips around the world, a Christian man shocked him with his belief. “In the street of Jerusalem one day, I looked directly inside a Church and saw a man extending his clenched palms towards heaven. It was after the afternoon prayer.

Everyone else had finished praying and gone, but he remained praying. Curious, I went inside the Church to see the man’s face and I saw him in tears as he was praying fervently. I waited patiently until he was done with his prayer. Then I asked him what the problem was. He said he had an urgent need for $10,000 for his wife who was in the hospital. I said, “Is this why you are praying so passionately?” He said, “Yes”.

Coincidentally, I had exactly $10,000 in my pocket. So, I counted the money and gave it to him. Without waiting to thank me first, he prostrated instantly to thank GOD. Then he stood up and thanked me too. Bewildered by his attitude, I told him how impressed I was. So, I extended my personal card containing my direct line and direct email address. “I’m impressed by you, anytime you need anything, money…any amount, call me directly and you shall have it.”

This man shocked me!! He refused my offer. The TV host was surprised too. “Why did he reject your offer?” “His reason made me a changed man”, answered the young billionaire. “What was his reason?”, the obviously impatient TV host asked. “Well, in his words, he said: “No, thanks. I won’t call you when I need money or anything else. I will always call the ONE who sent you.””

Don’t let any man play God in your life! GOD is the Giver and Controller of the Universe. Hold onto Him!

Question: What do you think the billionaire would do after three to four calls or emails asking him for money? Surely, he may get fed up, and even block him. But the God of the Universe who owns the cattles upon a thousand hills is never tired of our request. Before you ask anyone for anything, check up with your Creator. The channels of divine provisions may change per time, but God, your Source never changes. 

QuoteThe channels of divine provisions may change per time, but God, your Source never changes. 

Prophetic Decree: Help shall arise from Zion anytime you call, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father for your Word of illumination and light.

2. I receive grace to see God as my ONLY source, and Man as His many channels.

3. I plug my life to the socket of supernatural supplies, in Jesus name.

4. O Lord, let your will be done over my life. Take all the glory, in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit, please help me to see in humility any benevolence offered to fellow men as an extension of your grace through me. I refuse to play God over anyone’s life, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Samuel 13-14

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