DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post May
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Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022

Bible Reading: Psalm 85: 6-7

Memory Verse: Won’t you give us fresh life and let your people be glad because of you? Psalm 85:6 (CEV)

Credit to the works of P.Daniel Olawande. Falling into sin is not an event, it is a process. When you are on fire for God, Satan is afraid of you but guess what? You are his target, you are on his watch list. Those times when you are hot and on fire, he watches you from afar. Satan is never in an hurry. He can wait for 30 years to accomplish his aim. You are never on Satan’s watch list if you are not a problem to the kingdom of darkness, but if you are branded for Christ, you will be noted in hell and declared wanted.

When things are blazing, Satan is not moved but he keeps strategizing. What the devil is waiting for is a reduction in your prayer life, bible study life, a reduction in the hour of meditation and a reduction in your genuine commitment to the work of God. He will then help you fan such into flame with activities, excuses, sleep, being busy, bitterness at God and so on, until your spiritual life is zero. The death of your prayer life is a call for celebration in the kingdom of darkness.

When you become lazy in spiritual things, there will be advancement in carnality. Satan will not kill or attack you immediately, but he will invade your heart with wrong, bad, carnal desires that lead to lust, then you move into the sin, then you continue in sin until you are totally spiritually dead. The devil is not as interested in killing you as much as killing your spiritual life. When the Bible says the thief comes not but to kill, steal and destroy. It is not just physical, but he comes to steal your walk with God, kill your spirituality and destroy your testimony.

You wonder how a fire brand sister easily falls into the sin of pornography and masturbation, or a pastor/fire brand brother falls into the sin of sexual immorality. It is not an event but a process. The reduction in your prayer life is an increase and advancement into carnality. Do you have this challenge? Have you seen traces of flesh and sin laden in your heart? Go for a retreat. Pray until that unclean desire dies. Explanation is not equal to elimination. A sinning Christian doesn’t pray and a praying Christian doesn’t sin.

Quote:  Satan sponsors prayerlessness into your life to puncture and injure your spirituality and produce advancement in carnality.

Prophetic Decree: Receive fresh fire upon your altar, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. I repent of all spiritual laziness and carnality, in Jesus name

2. O Lord, revive my heart, in Jesus name.

3. I break the yoke of easily besetting sins, in Jesus name.

4. Every arrow of prayerlessness fired at me, backfire, in Jesus name.

5. My Father, please perform a surgical operation in my heart today, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Psalm 106-107

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