DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post December
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Friday, 11th December, 2020

Bible Reading: Proverbs 30: 11-14, 17

Memory VerseIf you make fun of your father or despise your mother in her old age, you ought to be eaten by vultures or have your eyes picked out by wild ravens. Proverbs30:17(GNT)

There is a local adage that says, “If a young child has enough clothes more than his aged father, he can’t have as much rags than him.” Experience is not everything but surely, experience is an intricate part of living. This generation has to be very careful the way we address our fathers and mothers, both in the faith and in the family. What manner of effrontery is this when a person belittles his father in faith because of one or two perceived mistakes.

To add insult to injury, he did this in the full public glare using the “digital tongue” called the internet. Hello brethren, family matters are discussed in the private and not in the open. Haven’t you got some decorum and reverence? You don’t pull people down to go up. No, it doesn’t work. You have only signed up for a curse (Deuteronomy 5:16). Drama Minister, Shola Mike Agboola wrote a piece on how not to treat fathers of faith:

NEVER LOOK DOWN on Fathers of Faith even if you have more physical results to show.

NEVER SHUT DOWN Fathers of Faith even if you seem to have ‘deeper’ revelations than theirs.

NEVER PUT DOWN Fathers of Faith even if you have more followers than them.

NEVER STEP DOWN Fathers of Faith even if the devil makes you believe that is the best way for you to step up.

NEVER TURN DOWN Fathers of Faith even if you think they no longer add much value to you.

NEVER CLOSE DOWN Fathers of Faith even if it appears you no longer need them.

NEVER PRAY DOWN Fathers of Faith rather pray for them to remain true to the faith, strong in the Lord and to finish well.

Remember, FATHERS are fathers, not because they are FAR ABOVE you in age or achievements but because they see FARTHER than you see. What a child does not see standing up, a father sees sitting, or even lying down. I pray the Holy Spirit will help us to download and decode this kingdom wisdom for our own good. Shalom!” Brethren, have you seen anything wrong in the life, act or ministry of a father of faith? I suggest you pray to God about it and He will tell you an acceptable way to go about it. Let everything be done decently and in order.

Quote: If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants – IsaacNewton

Prophetic Decree: We rebuke the foul spirit of arrogance and pride at work in this generation.

Prayer Focus                               

1. Thank you Father because you are a God of order.

2. I come against the spirit of End time bringing fathers against their children, in Jesus name.

3. I receive fresh baptism of the spirit of wisdom and honour for constituted authorities, in Jesus name.

4. I confess and repent of every way I have dishonored the fathers of faith, in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit, please help the weaknesses in the lives of our spiritual leaders, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:   Romans 14-16

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