DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post October
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Saturday, 16th October, 2021

Bible Reading: Micah 7: 5-8

Memory VerseA man’s enemies are the men (members) of his own household. Micah 7:6b (AMP)

In the book of Genesis, who killed Abel? His brother Cain. Who sold Joseph into slavery? His blood brothers. Who sent Jephthah out of his father’s house? His siblings. Who spearheaded the killing of the Messiah? His people, the Jews. Apostle Paul suffered much rejection from which set of people? His people, the Jews. All through the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, you will discover that many times, it is those closest to you that do you much evil. Sad but true, many times, it is easier to do business with a stranger than with a friend or brother. The enemy outside can do little or nothing without the permission of the enemy inside.

Even Jesus acknowledged this fact when he said, “a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” Matthew 10:36 (NIV). This is so sad but very true. Many of the battles people are fighting is simply because one sister, brother, uncle, aunt, or stepmother, etc, does not want them to rise, perhaps above their own children. Household enemy. They will dig deep into the family archives and deploy the most effective weapon they can use to fight you. They do this more often with familiar spirits of your father and mother’s house. If you think you don’t have such enemies, it just goes a long way to say that you’re already in their cage. Ignorance of their activities is also a very powerful weapon. No wonder the Bible says, “Watch and pray”. Basically, they are jealous enemies.

They are jealous of the destinies of family members, people with a bright future. For this people, mere looking at your forehead, they are able to decode the hidden handwriting of who you’re to be, or what you are to become on Earth. Then, they will try to either kill, steal or destroy it (John 10:10). They rejoice in doing evil. They rejoice in sucking the juice of glorious destinies, inflicting infirmities, destruction, stagnancy, delayed marriage, delayed child birth, unexplainable illness, provocation at edge of breakthrough, gathering satanic intelligence, marital turbulence, disappointment, career breakdown, etc.

You must watch and pray against these powers. Guess what? You don’t have to offend them before they attack you or mesmerise with your destiny. Abel did not offend Cain before the latter killed him. Joseph wasn’t rude to his brothers before they sold him off to Egypt. Wickedness lies in their bossom. Today, the wickedness of the wicked shall return back to the wicked, in Jesus name.

Quote: Until you become a hot coal of fire, the problem of family witches and wizards continues.

Prophetic Decree: I restore back your destiny from the coven of darkness, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. The head of all principalities and powers, Jesus Christ, we honour You.

2. After the order of Joseph, O Lord, convert the evil plans of my enemies to good, in Jesus name.

3. Household enemies scheming to drink the juice of my glorious destiny. Eat your own flesh and drink your own blood, in Jesus name.

4. Let the wickedness of the wicked return back to their head, in Jesus name.

5. For every pain household enemies have inflicted on me, O Lord, convert it glory, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Matthew 9-10

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