DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Thursday, 8th April, 2021

Text:     Acts 9: 36-42, 10: 1-4

Memory Verse:  God gave the Holy Spirit and power to Jesus from Nazareth. He was with Jesus, as he went around doing good and healing everyone who was under the power of the devil. Acts 10:38 (CEV)

He was a young soldier. Whenever he comes back from his official assignments, he buys foodstuff for everyone in his tiny village. Around his 50th birthday, he was sick unto death. On the day he was booked for an operation, the doctors suddenly said they were tired. That’s ridiculous, right? God works in mysterious ways. Providence was at work. Before the next appointment for the operation, he was re-examined and the doctors confirmed that nothing was wrong with him. What happened? A woman whom he was always good to confessed that she was told to afflict him with an evil power from her coven which she did, but on a second thought, she gathered back the already blown powder from the wind. What a mysterious world! 

She was convicted by her conscience because he was a good man. Afterwards, she paid for her disobedience in her coven with her life. Can you see how a man’s life was preserved because he was a good man. Many who claim to be spiritual aren’t filled with good works. Their spirituality is devoid of kindheartedness. They go about full of malice, backbiting, gossip, slander, bitterness and hatred both against God and their neighbours.

Furthermore, many children are only reaping the fruits their father planted many years ago. A dear man of God went for evangelism with his brethren. Suddenly, a car knocked a brother down. Like baby Jesus in the inn, the only hospital available was filled up. Suddenly, the Chief Medical Director came out. He asked our dear Pastor who he was, his father’s name, and his father’s town. Then, the story changed. The director himself ensured that the accident victim had a bed and treated him by himself. Shocked, the pastor asked why he gave him such benevolence.

What happened? The father of our dear pastor helped the director many years ago. Friends, it is good to be good. Who have you offended, betrayed, or backstabbed? Ask for their forgiveness today. Else, the law of karma/  the law of retributive justice will SURELY catch up with you and your children. What goes around will always come around. That’s the law of life. Don’t just learn to be spiritual, be human. Identify with the needs of others.

Quote: What you sow, you must surely reap.

Prophetic Decree: Let every heart of stone be changed to a heart of flesh, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. I repent of any evil word, evil broadcast, evil act, or evil opinion I have ever made against anyone, in Jesus name.

2. My Father please have mercy upon me; reverse any negative consequences of my past actions, in Jesus name

3. I receive the Dorcas’ anointing. I receive a heart for good works, in Jesus name.

4. Holy Spirit, please help me to be good in words, and in deeds, in Jesus name.

5. I break the stronghold of hatred, vengeance, sin, bitterness, unforgiveness, malice, and every other work of the flesh in my heart, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Samuel 1-3

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