DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post May
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Psalm 68:11 says, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it”.

The vision of DAILY WORDS OF JESUS (DWOJ) is to take the Word of God daily to His people. Our mission statement are:  I) To convict sinners. II) Empower the Saints and III) Take the Gospel to the uttermost part of the earth… all by the power of God.

I encourage you to make a covenant with God to join this army as long as you breathe. Buy and drop as many copies of this devotional in homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, prisons, hospitals, offices, churches, etc, for free! Don’t  only live for yourself and your family. Charles Spurgeon, the all time evangelist said, “To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in the world. And with every soul you bring to Jesus Christ, you seem to get a new heaven here upon earth”. EVANGELISM IS GOD’S HEARTBEAT. THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT YOU CAN GIVE GOD IS A SOUL (2 Peter 3:9).

Furthermore, have you prayed and fasted and it seems answers are not forthcoming? Then, it is time to raise an altar of desperate sacrifice by continuous partnership with God’s work on earth. This is one sure way to bring down the power of God into your situation. You can decide to be a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly partner by sending your seed to the account details below or visit www.dwoj.org/partnership-page. Kindly forward your prayer request to me when this is done.




Your brother-in-Christ,

Ajayi Adewale

+234(0)8032296932 (also on WhatsApp)

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