DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post March
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Dr. K.N. Jacob said: Many people are trapped by their past and victim mentality. Many people accept their situation as fate. Many people suffer from self-cancellation and self-devaluation. Many people are conditioned for poverty and misery. Leading yourself does not require a corporate, political or religious position. You can be a national hero and a total mess in your personal life.

Personal leadership is the tipping point in our lives. The day you  choose to take charge and be on the steering wheel of your life is the day you’ll upset your life’s equilibrium. With personal leadership, your family life and career will thrive, and you can potentially disrupt an entire industry with your gift. All revolutionaries led themselves before they led others.

Personal leadership begins the day you stop blaming anyone or anything and take full responsibility for your life. So long as someone or something is to blame for how you are doing, you’re still wallowing in immaturity. So long as your eX, boss, dad, mum, partner or your country’s economy is to blame for your life’s woes, you have a long way to go. Growing old and growing up are not synonymous.

There are five areas in your life that reveal how you’re running your life. First, your mental inputs. What do you watch on TV or social media? What do you listen to on radio? What books and magazines do you read? Your life reveals your mental inputs. Second, how do you manage your personal, professional and spiritual relationships? Who is your closest friend? You attract your type. Third, how are you progressing in your career or business life? Have you been growing professionally since you left college? Fourth, are you making headways in your finances? Are you steadily increasing your net worth? If you are healthy and still depending on someone else for upkeep three years after college, something is not right. Lastly, do you take care of your physical well being. Health comes from God but physical fitness (diet + exercise) is your responsibility.

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