DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post July
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Monday, 4th July, 2022

Bible Reading: Genesis 49:9,  Proverbs 30:30

Memory Verse: You are a lion’s cub, Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness—who dares to rouse him? Genesis 49:9 (NIV)

A young lion grew up amidst the flock of sheep behaving exactly like a sheep. The sheep-lion bleated instead of roaring and ate grass instead of meat. This vegetarian lion acted exactly like a weak, meek lamb. One day, another lion strolled out of the nearby forest onto the green pasture, and to his great delight beheld this flock of sheep. Thrilled with joy and whipped by hunger, the great lion pursued the fleeing flock of sheep, when, with amazement, he saw a huge lion, with tail high up in the air, fleeing at top speed ahead of the sheep. Ignoring his hunger, he raced hard and pounced upon the escaping lion. The sheep-lion fainted with fear. The big lion was puzzled more than ever, and slapped the sheep-lion out of his swoon. In a deep voice he rebuked, “What’s the matter with you?! Why do you, my brother, flee from me?”

The sheep-lion closed his eyes and bleated out in sheep language, “Please let me go. Don’t kill me. I’m just a sheep brought up with yonder flock.” He caught the sheep-lion by the mane with his mighty jaws and dragged him toward a lake at the end of the pasture. When the big lion reached the shore of the lake, he pushed the sheep-lion’s head so that it was reflected in the water.

Lesson 1: Until you begin to see yourself through the River of life, who is Jesus Christ, you may not truly know who you are.

The sheep-lion, convinced, tried to roar, but could only produce bleat-mingled roars. As the older lion continued to exhort him with slapping paws, the sheep-lion at last succeeded in roaring. Then both lions bounded across the pasture, entered the forest, and returned to the den of lions.

Lesson 2: You need people of great minds around you that will fan your in-born/innate gift into flames.

Other Lessons:

3. You will think and live like the people you walk with. There is power in association. Your association determines your destination.

4. Until you change your company, you may not discover your true identity.

5. Many are running away from the people they should identify with due to their personal ignorance.

6. If you walk with those that should run away from you, you will feed on grass when you are meant to feed on flesh.

7. Due to identity problems, there are many who can’t see opportunities that are right before them.

Quote:  Who am I? Check from the pages of the Bible. 

Prophetic Decree:  I command your original to come alive, in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer Focus

1. Say: I am who the scriptures say I am, in Jesus name.

2. I disconnect my life from anyone in my cycle of friends and company limiting my destiny, in Jesus name.

3. O God, deliver me from wrong company, in Jesus name.

4. I refuse to be a friend to my enemies, and enemies to my friends, in Jesus name.

5. I refuse to live a life lesser than God’s perfect plan for my life, in Jesus name.

6. O Lord, show me who I am, in Jesus mighty name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  2 Kings 9-11

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