DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Tuesday, 26th April, 2022

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 3: 1-6, Proverbs 14:1

Memory Verse: Homes are made by the wisdom of women, but are destroyed by foolishness. Proverbs 14:1 (GNT)

1. Have you ever wondered why there is a gate in your vagina? It is simply to restrict entry and exit of undue interference. Just one man should have the key; only after holy matrimony.

2. Have you ever wondered why there is an eruption of blood during every first sexual intercourse? It represents a covenant between couples. Dare to be faithful.

3. If all you do with your body is to advertise it by wearing tightly fitted clothes showcasing your curves and cleavages, then, you aren’t less than a prostitute.

4. Any lady who trades her body for sex has lost her values. No pressure of life should make you tow that path. Your body is the temple of the living God and only your husband owns it.

5. Gone are those days when women are baby machines. There are now women in politics, academic, top notch in the banking industry, etc. You’re as successful as far as your eyes can see.

6. If you lose your home because of your ambition, career or ministry, you will most surely regret it. Your home should be your foremost priority. Strike a balance.

7. It is useless trying to argue with your crown (your husband). Talk to God, the author of marriage instead. Go to prayers in your war room.

8. Enter into marriage with requisites culinary skills and adequate knowledge. The way to a man’s heart is through his mouth.

9. If you will take care of these four things in wisdom, you shall be called a virtuous woman – Finance, In-laws, Effective Communication, and Sex.

10. It is not a sin to be sensitive to your husband’s emotional needs, and try to meet up. It further bonds you two.

11. The coming of the children shouldn’t end the romance between you and your husband. Both have their unique place.

12. Lay the foundation of your home on the Word of God and prayers. Your children shall be better for it.

13. Child upbringing is an intricate part of your assignment as a mother. Failure in that area is failure in your core responsibility as a mother.

Quote: A wise woman builds her home on a Rock.

Prophetic Decree: Receive the anointing of the Matriarch of Old, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you dependable Father.

2. I receive grace to see my body in the light of the Word of God, in Jesus name.

3. I receive wisdom to prepare adequately for my home, in Jesus name.

4. Anti-marital powers of my Father’s house shall not destroy my home, in Jesus name.

5. I put a stop to all the activities of strangers in my home, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalm 73, 77-78

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