DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post September
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Monday, 18th September, 2023

Bible Reading:  Ruth 1: 1-6

Memory Verse It is the LORD’s blessing that brings wealth, and no effort can substitute for it. Proverbs 10:22 (NAB)

The word ‘japa’ is a Yoruba locution from Southwest Nigeria, Africa which means to leave for greener pastures. Despite many obvious socio-economic and political reasons, like the Lord spoke to us in yesterday’s devotional, don’t leave your home country without a sure Word from the Lord. Not all open doors are divine doors. Not all doors are destined for your own lifting. Now that you have left the shores of your home country, what are you doing for the Lord? Life is becoming sweeter – good road network, 24 hours power supply, food at affordable rate, structured health care system, etc, but are you offering an acceptable service unto God?

Some few months/years ago, you were sleeping in Church, you were moving from one prayer mountain to the other. Some are even workers in Church but today, you are a slave to many work shifts. The minimum wage of £10.40/hour have made many turn their back on Jesus. The structure in some developed countries is built such that you earn more during weekends, with particular reference to Sunday. This is a demonic tactic. Whoever made that law was inspired by the anti-Christ. Brethren, wake up!

I quite understand the bills are there – whether you work or not – however, you need divine wisdom. Work without grace will eventually result to many years of labour without any special testimony. Believe me beloved. There are many living abroad who are barely surviving after many decades. They lost touch with the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow somewhere in their sojourn. They forgot the Holy One of Israel who truly makes rich. Don’t allow the interest on the loans you took from your cooperative or at the bank in your home country squeeze the life of Christ out of you. Friends, let me ask you a question:

When last did you have a solid Quiet time since you ‘Japa’? What about your hitherto days of prayer and fasting? Your several hours/days alone with God? Repent and be restored. May you not regret going to a foreign land at the end of your life, in Jesus name. May the devil not substitute your destiny for the mundane and temporal pleasures of this earth in Jesus name. Examine yourself today.

Quote  A lost dog may not hear the shout of her owner.

Prophetic Decree: May you not lose your divine destiny for an inferior one in that foreign land, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus 

1. Thank you Father for your love towards me

2. Every spiritual scale upon my eyes, fall off, in Jesus name.

3. I reject subtle substitute to my divine destiny, in Jesus name.

4. I break the yoke of Christlessness, in my life in Jesus name.

5. I bind and cast out the spirit of love for money at the expense of a living relationship with God, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Ezra 4-6, Psalm 137

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