DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post October
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Thurs., Oct. 12, 2017

Bible Reading:  Gal. 4:1-2, Luke 14: 28-32.

Memory Verse: Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.  Proverbs 24:2(NLT)

Many want to minister under a special anointing like some prominent men of God, but they do not want to subject their lives to the consecration, commitment and the Cross that produce such awesome results. Many want to be A- students in their academics yet they sleep for long hours every day. Nothing special ever comes from such life. Where is the place of self denial? If you stay on the mountain of convenience in the school of life, you will end up in the valley of doom. (Shout God forbid!)

Therefore, the question really is not about manifestation but preparation. Are you well trained? Do you have what it takes to beat the best in your locality, nationally and globally? If you happen to be an aspiring Accountant, Engineer or Doctor where you are, can you conveniently compete favourably with others from other parts of the world? Think of this! Provoke yourself to go the extra mile. You have “tarried so long on this mountain”. Your degree of preparation will determine your level of impact and consequently, the worth people place on you. If people must price you high in any aspect of your life, be it in career or ministry then you must carry an uncommon flavour.

Your level of manifestation (glory) is directly proportionally to your level of preparation.

Quote: It is preparation before platform.                                                   

Prophetic Decree: Receive your deliverance from vagabond spirit pushing you to and fro, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

  1. Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary that is pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I will be a living sanctuary for You, in Jesus name.
  2. Father Lord, deliver me from the lies I tell myself.
  3. Lord Jesus, baptize me with the right mindset as a student with a difference in Jesus name.
  4. I reject satanic substitution of my destiny, in Jesus name.
  5. I refuse to limit my influence in this life, in Jesus name.
  6. O Lord, damage my ignorance, in Jesus name.

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