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Today, I will want us to consider the above topic with particular reference to Bishop David Abioye, a man who is an apostle of stewardship even as in his capacity as one of the God’s General’s of our time. He said, “Ministry is a call, not what you desire. I needed to say that because I did not desire ministry. I was simply a lover of God; I love God and was running after God.”

He further said, “The Lord spoke to me that He has an assignment for me under Bishop David Oyedepo, which is what I refer to as my calling to the ministry. I have said this several times that my ministry is to see to the fulfillment of his ministry. It’s more of supportive ministry; while he deals with major issues, I look into smaller issues to prevent distraction.

In all, little or big, I am doing what I’m assigned to under his calling.” At Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021, Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche said of him: The person seated here tonight is the Joshua of our Father in the Lord, God’s Servant, Bishop Oyedepo, who carries bodily the reflection of grace, the reflection of honour, reflection of dignity on our Father in the Lord. His life is so inspiring. He is the picture of true spirituality, integrity, sincerity, humility, the picture of generosity.

He carries the picture of our Father so heavy, that when we first met, we travelled all the way to Kaduna at the beginning of our ministry. They lodged us in their house, it was so heavy on him that I made up my mind that if I couldn’t get across to my Father in the Lord, I was okay with him to receive direction from him, since he carries that spirit bodily. We want to honour you, sir. He shows us that you can be a General without being a General Overseer. A Kingdom Gospel General without being a General Overseer.

There are plenty General Overseers, maybe ninety something per cent who will never smell being a Gospel General, but there are Generals that didn’t found a Church. He is one example. God’s Servant, Pastor E.A Adeboye is another example, he didn’t start a Church. You can be a front liner without being a Founder, they have shown that clearly: That submission does not equal slavery. That to be in authority, you must be successfully under authority. There are places they will ask him to come that many Founders will never be found – Strategic, high-level meetings globally.

His life teaches the principles of submission – submission to authority, submission to leadership. You can be an authority from under another authority. The Centurion said so, “I am a man under authority and I say to one, go and he goes.” You can be an authority yet under authority, and that is when the authority is stronger, because you have a very solid backing authority.

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