DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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(Heb. 11:6, Joshua 1:9)

An anonymous wrote: There is a church beside my house, it’s a small church of not more than 20 people. Their pastor is so vast and very deep in the Word. I have made it a point of duty to attend their Sunday school from my house and I have never missed transferring my offering before leaving for my church. Infact, I switched to permanent second service just to enjoy the Sunday school of this other church with whom I share fence.

One day at midnight, I woke up to tidy up a client’s job when I heard the pastor praying. He lives in the same premises with his church. This minute he is praying loudly, the next minute he is quiet. In his groaning, I heard him say “God, you promised to make this ministry big. You told me it is you who sent me. It’s been years and I’m tired……He sobbed” My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth.

I felt his pain. He must have thought about how the ministry isn’t attracting the right people, how his vastness and teaching prowess isn’t bringing the expected result. He was tired! I muttered few words of prayers, and I was led to drop an unusual offering. So, I picked my phone and sent him a certain offering that I have never done before. The narration was “From a hidden disciple, thank you”.

This morning, I decided to attend his service throughout, still from my house. During Sunday school, he kept saying he has a huge testimony to share during main service. I could sense so much excitement in his voice. During the main service, he said “I don’t know how God did it but he has done it. We now have enough money to commence the radio program that we’ve always wanted to do. I didn’t know some people are blessed by the word of God from my mouth.

I didn’t know I have hidden disciples. I got a miraculous offering this midnight from a hidden disciple and we shall spend everything on our radio outreach” The whole church screamed, and I could hear them rolling on the floor. I was both laughing and crying at the same time. I felt so happy to have met a major need and rekindled hope in him. It was time to pray for the donor and I felt an unusual presence of God in my room. These humans prayed from their hearts and I wept like a baby while on my knees. Dear General Overseer, leader, coach, pastor, and teacher, though it looks like your impact is not felt, your audience size is small, or your input doesn’t equate your result, kindly hang on, your breakthrough is here. Someone somewhere is watching and just one day will be your day! This experience also taught me not to be weary in my assignment and to never underestimate the power of prayers. Your big break is close! Hang on! Don’t play with the “small” in your hands for the Lord blesses little beginning.

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