DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post July
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1. Try not to be too close to any spiritual daughter or spiritual son.

2. Should you notice you are getting emotionally attached to another gender, it is time to consciously and deliberately push the person away from you.

3. Posting the pictures of your very supportive spiritual son or daughter on social media may be suggestive.

4. That member who cheaply offer her body to you will cheaply fight you tomorrow.

5. Never take advantage of any sheep (male/female). Don’t let the honour accorded you breed pride and irresponsibility. You are accountable unto the Lord.

6. Don’t give financial assistance to any member of the opposite sex without the consent of your spouse or another 3rd party.

7. Don’t pray for any member of the opposite sex alone in a lonely place. Ensure people are around.

8. Guard your heart with all diligence. Never let your heart lust after that brother/sister.

9. Be wary of any member of the opposite sex who continually gives you cooked food as a male minister, and money/material possession as a female minister. We are all emotional beings.

10. Preach righteousness, purity and holiness. It is fast eroding in modern day Churches, and please, practice same.

11. Rebuke indecent dressing publicly and privately, and practice same.

12. If any sister (for male minister) or brother (for female minister) is becoming seductive to you, rebuke such openly.

13. Never start any dirty or naughty discussion with anyone.

14. If you are married, don’t hide any secret from your spouse.

15. If you are married make your spouse your best friend and openly celebrate him/her.

16. It is wisdom to direct female members to your wife for counselling if the case is sensitive.

17. Your children are God’s special gift to you. Teach them the way of the Lord. Pray them into the covenant God has for you.

18. Employing an opposite sex as your personal assistance (PA) or secretary is an easy trap for your soul.

19. Be open to the Lord about your own weaknesses, and prayerfully deal with it.

20. Flee from anyone or any place that could provoke/trigger your Adamic nature, lust, sin or worldliness in you.

21. If holding the hands of a female member will make you sin, thou shalt not hold hand. If discipleship/prayer meeting will make you vulnerable, choose another venue where you can tame your flesh.

22. Never believe you are above temptation (1 Corinthians 10:12).

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