DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Shall we kick off from where we stopped in the last quarter:

8. It is wrong to accept a Pastor and reject his wife and children for whatever reason. Honour them for the price they pay. Accept them as co-labourers. Without them, your Pastor has no ministry.

9. Only one father and mother births a ministry. No other Pastor no matter the anointing or age in the same ministry should rub shoulders with the set man or divert the attention of the flock to himself or herself.

10. Never think you are more anointed than other Pastors. Some Pastors get angry and complain that the honorarium given to them is small. It is a love offering, sir/ma!  Call back to show gratitude for being invited.

11. Having a bigger church or congregation than other Pastors does not make you more anointed or better than them. Stop talking God’s servants down. The God of big congregations (Prov. 14:28) is also the God of small congregations (Mat. 18:20). The real question is: Are the congregation heavenly bound?

12. Do not gossip the Pastor that invited you, his family and Church with members sent to drive you around, give you food or wait on you. Do not molest the ladies that wait on you in the hotel. Do not descend low to getting their numbers, chatting with them, placing financial demands on them, etc. If they respect the oil of grace upon you, respect yourself.

13. Many ministers do not attend minister’s conferences, camp meetings, and other ministry’s programmes to get equipped and refreshed except they are the ones to preach. It is a sign of pride, inferiority or superiority complex. Such Pastors rest on past glory and dry up suddenly. Spend money to attend conferences and do spiritual refresher courses. Buy materials and use them. Remember, iron sharpens iron.

14. Some ministers are good Pastors to their congregants, they minister under the grace of God in nice suits and dresses as the case may be. Because of the anointing, many women and men wish they are married to them. Unfortunately, some of them do not make good husbands, wives and parents. Their family members cry and shed silent tears. Some are bad examples of believers at home with dirty talks, anger, malice, unforgiveness, immaturity, criticism, gossip, etc. Some beat their wives and use their family affairs to preach. Some do absurd things and explain it away. Some cannot be corrected by anyone even senior ministers. Too bad!

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