DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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Monday, 15th February, 2021

Bible Reading: Proverbs 14:34, Job 2:3, 1 Chronicles 29:17

Memory VerseRighteousness [moral and spiritual integrity and virtuous character] exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any peopleProverbs 14:34 (AMP)

In the Year 1986, companies in Nigeria who import raw materials for their production had to obtain a licence from government. You have to bribe your way through in many instances especially when it was certain that your life depended on it. In Cadbury (a multinational confectionery company), they depended heavily on imported materials for their productions, and the onus was on the managing director. But, here was a man who was not prepared to “play ball”.

Time was ticking. The directors of the company urged him to do what others were doing to get the import license. But he was not ready to give what the people wanted. He got home and told his wife that he was getting set to leave the Cadbury job since he was not ready to play the Nigerian way. He made several attempts to see the commissioner in charge of the import license, a military officer, but all the five appointments did not yield any fruit until the sixth. “Mr. Integrity” told him he wanted an import licence worth $12 million.

The commissioner replied that he would only be given import license worth $1 million only. He went back to his office and continued working hoping against hope. He cried to God and God intervened. Just six months after that grueling encounter, the federal government announced the abolition of import licence. That was it. Why did God allow him go through such strenuous time when He was going to orchestrate the abolition of the licence? Certainly to test his integrity. But who is this different Nigerian called Mr. Integrity? He is Dr Christopher Kolade.

He advice: There is nothing as good as waiting on God and holding unto him in the face of daunting challenges. You have to make up your mind on who you are working for. Are you working for God or for Mammon? By mammon I mean self. Some Bible translation describes Mammon as money but it is more than that. It is self. Anything that tends towards promoting self-good, self-worth at the expense of the instructions of God is mammon.

Quote: You must be an example of the type of values you want your children to have – Dr. ChristopherKolade

Prophetic Decree: Receive the spirit of integrity, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus
1. Thank you Father for You are an unchangeable God, ever faithful to your own.

2. O Lord, deliver our nation from deeply rooted corruption and nepotism, in Jesus name.

3. I break the stronghold of the devil in our minds as a nation, in Jesus name.

4. O God, make this nation work. Give us leaders after Your own heart, in Jesus name.

5. We speak progress, unity and prosperity upon our nation, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Leviticus 8-10

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