DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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Wednesday, 7th February 2024

Bible Reading: Proverbs 22:6

Memory Verse:  He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly. Proverbs 13:24 (NKJV)

Shall we learn more parental wisdom from one of the greatest women in history who successfully modelled 10 children in the way of the Lord:

7. On order and discipline carved into routine – The Wesley house ran on a tight schedule. “The children were always put into a regular method of living,” she wrote. Times were assigned for naps, education, meals, and bedtime.

8. On self-regulation – Susanna was convinced that “self-will is the root of all sin and misery,” and worked to help her children develop self-control.

9. On positive reinforcement – Susanna believed, “That every signal act of obedience should always be commended and frequently rewarded.” When a child misses the mark, Susanna recommends that parents “sweetly” direct the child on “how to do better for the future.

10. On discipline – When needed, Susanna strived to discipline appropriately. “Some [infractions] should be overlooked and taken no notice of, and others mildly reproved,” she wrote, “but no willful transgression ought ever to be forgiven children without chastisement, less or more, as the nature and circumstances of the offence require.”

11. On forgiveness – Susanna taught that a child should never be punished for the same offense twice, and “that if they amended they should never be upbraided with it afterwards.”

12. On bedtime: All children were in bed by 8 p.m., whether they were ready for sleep or not. “There was no such thing allowed of in our house as sitting by a child till it fell asleep,” she wrote.

13. On choosing meals – Susanna expected the children to eat what was served. “They were never permitted to choose their meat, but always made to eat such things as were provided by the family,” Susanna wrote.

14. On manners (polite speech) – The children were given “nothing they cried for, and instructed to speak handsomely for what they wanted.”

15. On ‘no lying’ – Susanna believed that children were tempted to lie when they feared punishment. “To prevent this she reasoned, “a law was made that whoever was charged with a fault, of which they were guilty, if they would ingenuously confess it, and promise to amend,” they would not be punished.

16. On respect for property – The Wesley children were taught to keep their hands off of another’s stuff, even “in the smallest matter, though it were but of the value of a farthing [1/4 of a penny], or a pin; which they might not take from the owner without, much less against his consent.”

Quote:  Before he can DECIDE to do good, his parents must CONDITION him to do good – Michael Pearl.

Prophetic Decree: May your children possess the gates of their enemies, in Jesus name. 

Prayer Focus

1. My Father, deliver my children from evil foundational spirits and bad influences, in Jesus name.

2. Holy Spirit, help our youths to be well-nurtured plants, and our daughters like pillars carved to adorn a Palace, in Jesus name.

3. My children shall not turn out to be a nuisance to the society, in Jesus name.

4. The names of my children shall not be heard in prison in Jesus name.

5. My children, be continually filled with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Exodus 25-27

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