DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Sunday, 29thJanuary, 2017

Bible reading: Gen. 26:18-22.

Memory Verse: “I am ever pressing on toward the goal, for the prize of God’s heavenward call in Christ Jesus ”Philippians 3:14(MNT).

A few years ago I was getting these really insane water bills. It was so high I decided to dig some wells in my yard to have water for my landscape. I hired a company to come and dig these wells. The foreman and I walked all around my yard, and as we walked he was putting down flags. I asked what the flags were for. He said, “The flags represent good places to dig for water”. I asked, “Why do you have so many flags?” He said, “I’m not sure if any of these places will produce water”. I then said, “Hold up, you mean if you dig all these spots and don’t hit water I still have to pay you?” He said, “Yes, that’s how it is”. Needless to say, he dug three wells and never hit water. I said, “Just stop”.

I got a few more extreme water bills and called him back. He said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes, keep drilling until you hit water”. The next he dug 500 feet, then another 200 feet and still didn’t hit any water. He drilled another 200 feet and he hit a rock. I said, “Blast it, cut it, do whatever you have to do but keep digging”. After he hit the rock, he broke his drill and we got a new one to dig a little deeper. He said, “We are at 1,200 feet, why do you want me to keep digging?” I said, “Because I’m tired of these water bills and I’m going to do something about it”. He said, “But this is really deep.” I asked him if he had hit water yet. He said “No”. Again, I told him to go deeper. “But you don’t understand,” he said. “We don’t usually drill this deep, this is going to be expensive”. He started the machine and went down another four inches and hit a river of water till today.

Moral Lesson: “Sometimes you have to exert a lot of energy to get what you are looking for no matter what it cost”. This attitude is called Perseverance!

Quote:               Never, never, never give up – Winston Churchill.

Prophetic Word: You will not stop your journey half way, in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points

  1. I shall not end my journey half way in the name of Jesus.
  2. I receive grace to start and finish well, in the name of Jesus.

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