DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post June
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Fri Jun 16, 2017.

Bible reading: Joshua 1:8, Luke 14:28-32.

 Memory verse: All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent.  Isaiah 22:28.

  1. Pray about it (Psalm 16:8): When you start with prayer, you commit the infinite power of God who owns all the resources of the earth to work in your direction. You also commit the heart of your destiny helpers to favour you (Psalm 68:11).
  2. Raise an Altar: This is the wisdom of the Saints of Old. Never embark on a journey without the Spirit of your Prophets. Kings in the Bible don’t go to battle until they have called to their Prophets and offered a burnt offering as a sacrifice to the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding! Read 1 Samuel 7:3-17.
  3. Be specific about what you want to achieve: Most people don’t know what they want to do with their life. Embark only on destiny projects. This means “do only what God wants you to do”. This is one of the main reasons why despite so many books on success, most people live an average life. Only the Holy Ghost can truly reveal what you must do to you. “Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.”
  4. Draw up a plan of action (Luke 14:28-32): Planning is the shortest route to getting your desires right. It could take some of your time but it forestalls many risks. Planning talks about “how to get it done”.After finding a goal that you really desire to achieve, draw up a plan. Be as practical as possible.
  5. Make a list of steps: List the steps you need to take, such as signing up for a course, studying, reading, developing the required skills, looking for relevant materials, etc. This will take you closer to achieving your goals.
  6. Act, do not be passive (John 5:17): Take action and follow the steps on your list. “Don’t just wait for things to happen, happen to things.”
  7. Read and listen to advice (2 Tim.2:15, Daniel 9:2): Read books or articles about what you want to achieve. Subject yourself to mentorship. In a multitude of counsel, there is safety (Prov. 11:14). Alone you may travel fast but together, you will travel far. Build your team!
  8. Make alternative plans: If a certain plan doesn’t work, look for an alternative one. Never be stocked! God had the second Adam in mind in case the first Adam failed before the foundations of the earth!

Quote: God’s people perish for lack of knowledge – Bible

Prophetic Word: You must succeed, whether you like it or not, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

Father, I commit all my plans into your hands, please bring them to pass. In your infinite power deliver me from evil strongmen and witchcraft powers that swallow good projects. Deliver me from the spirit of pride and error, in Jesus name.

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