DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post March
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Tuesday, 21st March, 2023

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:15

Memory VerseBeware of the false prophets, [teachers]  come to you dressed as sheep [appearing gentle and innocent], but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15 (AMP)

Shall we consider another characteristic of players in relationship with particular emphasis this time on the Church of God:

4. A player shields you from those who truly matter such as his/her parents, pastor, siblings, etc: Someone proposes to you without telling the authorities over him such as his pastor. Again, the person further tells you not to tell anyone about the relationship. Run …I say run. He is probably up to a game. Can you beat this? In a particular Church,  a member of the Church choir proposed to a lady. He promised her heaven and earth. He told her not to tell her parents, her pastor or any of the marriage committee members. On a particular service, the Pastor of this church used this brother as an example without knowing any of such escapades.

He said, “Who could believe Brother S is a married man with three children who is serving the Lord in this church”. Immediately after the service, the lady concerned went to the Pastor. “Sir, do you mean all you said about Brother S while on pulpit or you were just giving an illustration?” That’s what the Holy Spirit can do if allowed in a Church. He reveals all the hidden works of darkness. What our brother did in darkness suddenly came to limelight. That’s not all. Do you know that this so-called brother has been sleeping with this sister? That means he was using the sister as a  “spare wife”. His original wife was living outside town while this naive sister was deputizing in her absence. 

Precious people, many times people are not what they call themselves. Do your background check very thoroughly. There are many wolves in sheep clothings. Players in the house of God! Watch and Pray. You will pray more targetedly if you watch well for seemingly danger signs.  

Quote: All players are slayers – Slayers of precious time and destiny.

Prophetic Decree: Time wasters and destiny saboteurs shall not cut short your destiny, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. I reject mental and spiritual foolishness, in Jesus name.

2. I refuse to be a fool, in Jesus name.

3. Lord, I am sorry for offering my body on the altar of pre-marital and extra marital sexual relationship, in Jesus name.

4. I receive grace for sharper sensitivity and discernment, in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit, expose and disgrace wolves in sheep clothing covering up as workers and ministers in the house of God, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Deuteronomy 30-31

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