DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Tue Apr 25, 2017

Bible reading: 2 Timothy 4:13, Daniel 9:2

Memory verse: Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a listener when you are anything but, letting the Word go in one ear and out the other. Act on what you hear! Those who hear and don’t act are like those who glance in the mirror, walk away, and two minutes later have no idea who they are, what they look like. James 1:22-24 (MSG)

5. Journal: The saying goes that “a short pencil is better than a long memory,” so, it is of great importance to write down any personal revelations and prayers inspired by Scripture into a daily journal you can keep. There’s really no format and no strict guidelines to journaling. Just write as the Spirit of God leads you as you read.

6. Ask Questions: The Bible has withstood countless attacks and challenges, and it has always proven to be effective in leading Christians to God. Although it is never good to doubt the Word of God, it isn’t healthy not to ask questions as you read it either. The reason why many believers are ill-equipped is because they don’t raise questions as they read their Bible. How can I confirm this to be true? What does the Bible really say about today’s issues? Did God really say this, and what was His intention?

7. Apply: James 1:22 tells us “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Reading God’s Word and then applying it into our lives makes it more powerful. That’s why claiming promises as we read God’s Word and looking for commands to follow brings so much life to Christians. If we want to grow more in our understanding of the Bible, we must constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to apply His Word into our lives.

Quote: Put the Word in your heart and not in your head.

Prophetic Word: May your heart pant after His Word, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus:

  1. I receive grace to do the Word, in Jesus name.
  2. My heart shall not be infertile for the growth of the Word of God in Jesus name (Matthew 13:1-23).
  3. I receive grace to pant after the Word, in Jesus name.

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