DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post August
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Thu, Aug 10, 2017

Bible reading: 2 Samuel 9:1-13

Memory Verse: Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Galatians 6:7 (NLT)

Continued from yesterday…

Paderewski later went on to become the Prime Minister of Poland. He was a great leader, but unfortunately when the World War began, Poland was ravaged. They are more than 1.5 million people starving in his country, and no money to feed them. Paderewski did not know where to turn for help. He reached out to the US Food and Relief Administration for help.

The head there was a man called Herbert Hoover — who later went on to become the US President. Hoover agreed to help and quickly shipped tons of food grains to feed the starving Polish people.

A calamity was averted. Paderewski was relieved. He decided to go across to meet Hoover and personally thank him. When Paderewski began to thank Hoover for his noble gesture, Hoover quickly interjected and said, “You shouldn’t be thanking me Mr Prime Minister. You may not remember this, but several years ago, you helped two young students go through college in the US. I was one of them.”

The world is a wonderful place. A sacrificial seed of love sown today could preserve generations tomorrow. Genesis 8:22(NKJV) says “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.” Life operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. Life operates on the principle of cause and effect. For every action in life, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Quote:  This is the law of life: What you sow you reap.

Prophetic Word: May you not miss opportunities to preserve your future, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus:

  1. I repent of every evil act in Jesus name.
  2. I curse every disobedient habit in my life, in Jesus name.
  3. Holy Spirit, work out your fruit in my life, in Jesus name.
  4. Season of Divine turnaround, appear, in Jesus name.
  5. Anything programmed into my past in order to derail my future, be revoked, in Jesus name.

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