DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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JAN 5, 2020    

Bible Reading: Ephesian 6:10, Isaiah 14:27

Memory Verse: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Wonders shall never end. John Rice and Greg Rice were two identical brothers who became successful Estate agents. Their story becomes even more interesting because at a time, both were the shortest living dwarfs with 2 ft 10 in (86 cm) height. Their story re-emphasizes the fact that anyone – black or white, young or old, tall or short, a giant or dwarf – can become successful provided he/she has a God-given motivated vision.

The Rice brothers were born on December 3, 1951 in Florida. Their biological mother abandoned them a few hours after giving birth, purportedly due to the diagnosis of dwarfism. Eight months later, the infants were taken in as foster children by Frank and Mildred Windsor. Mildred died when the boys were in eighth grade due to ovarian cancer. Following the loss of their foster mother and the death of their foster father three years later, the two were raised by their foster sister, Betty Windsor. Despite the difficulties of their condition as well as the loss of their foster parents,

John and Greg participated in “normal” childhood activities such as the Boy Scouts, took regular classes throughout their education, and even played cornet in the junior high and high school band. Friend, you don’t have any good reason to feel less than a human being despite your physical disability. They attended Palm Beach High School selling cleaning and personal care products door to door and afterwards, they began training other sales people in the company they worked for. Imagine a man less than the height of your three 30cm ruler joined together training a hall full of people of various heights. That’s the power of vision and personal self- discovery at work!

They eventually went into real estate business in the mid-seventies and then as investors. They became two of the most recognizable experts in their field in the U.S. before going into the motivational speaking business as well. Though John Rice died in November 5, 2005 as a result of complications of injuries due to a broken leg, his twin brother, Greg has continued to carry on the work in marketing and advertising as well as teaching and lecturing what he began with his late brother. Nothing is capable of stopping your God – given vision in Year 2020. The only limitation that ever exist is the limitations in our minds. You are unstoppable.

Quote: If dwarfs could make it, you will make it!

Prophetic Decree: This Year the earth must yield her increase for you.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank You Father because you are a God of all possibilities.

2. I break the spirit of limitation of my father’s house, in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit deliver me from any self- imposed limitation I have placed on myself, in Jesus name.

4. Altar of limitation of my father’s house, catch fire, in Jesus name.

5. My heavens, open for uncommon breakthrough in Year 2020, in Jesus name.


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