DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post February
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Sunday, 5th February, 2023

Bible Reading:  Isaiah 49: 24-26, Psalm 68:1

Memory Verse:  Do something, God! Scatter your hateful enemies. Make them turn and run.  Psalm 68:1 (CEV)

1. She aborted for him 12 different times. Now, she is a born again child of God. She says no to such ungodly relationship. He blatantly refused claiming he owns her. Soon, she was kidnapped, but for the intercession of the Saints, an angelic intervention occurred. This is an example of an evil lordship over the life of another individual.

2. A brother lived with a family member. There, he made one or two mistakes. They capitalized on it saying, “He will never become anything good in the land”. Such is the way of a satanic evil authority.

3. There are parents who have vowed never to forgive their children. Consequently, they exercise their authority over such children unjustly. While some cast a spell of stunted or no growth upon such erring children, others dim their childrens’ stars. Friends, there is deep wickedness in this world. 

4. There was case of a sister. She was the only child of her parents. From childhood, her mother sun-dried tied her umbilical cord and tied it around her waist. This spiritually implies that she has been married to her mother. No man ever woo her. Evil spiritual authority!

5. There are bosses who have vowed that a surbordinate will never be promoted in the company. They exert their managerial authority over such individuals. 

6. There are lecturers who have vowed that if some students don’t sleep with them, they will never graduate from such Tertiary institution. 

Way Out 

  1.  Repentance and Restitution : If your life is running around a vicious cycle of pain, stagnancy or lack of progress, and you know you have offended your Pastor, parents, an elder, a guardian, your teacher, or anyone who has a measure of authority over you. Please go ask for their forgiveness if you ever want to manifest. Humble yourself before God and such divinely constituted earthly authority. God gives grace to the humble.

2. Warfare: While I admit you might have made some mistakes. Know for sure that some mistakes were sponsored by demonic forces. Secondly, some persons are like Pharaoh. They will not let you go until they see the finger of God. Hence, you must break the power sponsoring your mistakes and hardening the hearts of those you have offended.


QuoteThe power of the oppressor remains potent until there is a holy rebellion.

Prophetic Decree: Any spiritual legal ground over your life is retrieved, in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer Focus

1. I repent before the throne of grace and before those that God have kept over me.

2. Anointing to break lawful and unlawful yokes, fall upon me, in Jesus name.

3. Evil authority over my life, break by fire, in Jesus name.

4. Evil parental authority over my life, the Lord rebuke you, in Jesus name.

5. I come out from the snare of any evil authority over my life, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Exodus 19-21

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