DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post May
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Friday, 13th May, 2022

Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 8: 20-21

Memory Verse:  Taking every precaution against scandal. 2 Corinthians 8:20 (MSG)

A scandal is an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. I decree into your life: You will not fall into the trap of your enemy, in Jesus name. Are you aware that the enemy that wants to keep you down from rising is still lurking around even as you rise waiting for your unguarded moment? An hymn says, “Christian! seek not yet repose. Hear thy guardian angel say; thou art in the midst of foes; Watch and pray.”

You had better keep up with the personal discipline you subjected yourself to while you rise. The devil does not give up on anyone as long as such is still breathing. Even at death, the devil was trying  to contend with the body of Moses (Jude 1:9). Respectfully speaking, we have seen fire brand brothers fall into adultery and their story became one of the top stories in the dailies.

We have seen highly revered men of God fall into the hands of a seemingly unassuming girl in their neighborhood. We have heard top gospel artist who served God with their talents fall into the hands of a carefully prepared Delilah at the peak of their career. A top bank manager was once said to be allegedly involved with his mistress in the same company and today, his name has been dragged in the mud and he has been forcefully ejected as the Managing Director.

Watch those bad silent habits such as lust for the opposite gender carefully popping up in your heart. Such could hibernate in your heart while you feign indifference for donkey years. Before you become the latest scandal in the body of Christ, in your profession, or in your association kill that serpent climbing the ladder of success within you. You will need to thoroughly sit down with the Holy Ghost for deep self examination. You can also consult with few trusted friends who will help you in love. Remember: Same serpent in the book of Genesis became a dragon in the book of revelation. Watch and pray.

Quote:  If you don’t deal with that weakness, it will later turn you to a public ridicule.

Prophetic Decree:  Your testimony shall not turn to shame, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father because You are the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

2. I refuse to be the topic sentence for evil, in Jesus name.

3. Any Delilah hunting for my Samson shall fail woefully, in Jesus name.

4. Any Shechem hunting for my Dinah shall be wasted, in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit, you are well able to keep that which has been committed to you. Help me keep the testimony of my righteousness, in Jesus name.

6. Any concluded plan from the pit of hell to make me a public ridicule, die, in Jesus mighty name.

7. I tear by fire every garment of shame prepared for me, in Jesus name.

8. I refuse to carry a negative cross, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:   2 Samuel 11-12; 1 Chronicles 20

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