DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Wednesday, 12th January, 2022

Bible Reading: Galatians 5: 19-21

Memory VerseIn meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. 2 Timothy 2:25 (KJV)

Many are looking for the witch outside forgetting there is a witch well seated within them. The greatest problem to the will of God is the will of Man, not necessarily the devil. Sometimes, we are our own number one enemy. Don’t try to “kill the devil” when you are yet to kill the work of the flesh. Look within. Can you tell yourself in a jiffy two of your foremost weaknesses which you have discovered and you are consciously working on at the moment? That is what great men do.

They keep working on their personal weaknesses even as they consolidate on their strengths. This year, you must do something about that anger, that unpleasant addiction, that besetting sin, that lying tongue, lust, that carelessness, arrogance and ignorance. Many want to conquer the world but don’t want to conquer themselves. Many want to be great but don’t want to handle their weakness. It doesn’t work that way. In Year 2022, I want to advice you not to oppose yourself. What the curse of Balaam could not do to the Israelites, their sin of fornication did. Samson, one person the entire nation of Philistine couldn’t capture, one Delilah perfectly handed him over because he couldn’t control his own lust.

You were defeated not because Satan defeated you but because you chose to be defeated. If the devil tries to stop you and he cannot, he hires you to stop yourself. The easiest person the devil can hire is you. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. Nobody can hurt you like yourself. If you will guard yourself, your destiny will move faster this year. Don’t cooperate with Satan this year 2022.

Quote: The enemy withal has no place without the cooperation of the enemy within. 

Prophetic Decree: Every foundational weakness in your life, die, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Lord for the life of Christ flowing within me.

2. I receive the breaking of my outer man, and the release of my spirit, in Jesus name.

3. By the power of the Cross, I come against the activities of the flesh in me, in Jesus name.

4. By the power of the Cross where Jesus died, I conquer myself, in Jesus name.

5. I receive grace to be Spirit-controlled. I will not fulfill the works of the flesh, in Jesus name.


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