DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Thursday, 1st February 2024

Bible Reading:  Ezekiel 13:18–21, Revelations 18:11–13, Acts 16:16

Memory VerseTherefore this is what the Lord GOD says: See, I am against the magic charms with which you ensnare souls like birds, and I will tear them from your arms. So I will free the souls you have ensnared like birds. Ezekiel 13:20 (BSB)

You can now see why sometimes when people are kidnapped, it takes them a while to get themselves back because they have taken their spirit out and sent it to different places. It is only with prayers that they can gradually withdraw their spirit. When a spirit is roaming around, it acquires all kinds of terrible things. So those things enter the person, and the person does not look normal again.

It takes them time to become who they used to be because the merchants of the earth have used them. Today’s Bible reading are pregnant with meaning. Another thing you can get from these scriptures is that there are strange markets in our world. Although we have physical markets, please try to understand that there are spiritual markets as well. Markets where souls and virtues are on sale.

There are markets in the spirit realm whose commodities are strange, where merchants of darkness take preeminence, where virtues are place on sale, where talents are put on sale, where human potential is put on sale, where the traders there are very wicked with no iota of mercy. They are assigned to puncture destinies, make the destiny of a man stammer, make the destiny of a man to fail. There, evil is sold and evil is displayed in the open.

In the early 80s, around Yaba Bus Stop, Lagos, Nigeria. There was a man selling all kinds of strange things. He had padlocks, keys, a horse whip, calabashes, and things like that. The man usually said, “Well, if you have a boss in the office troubling you, you can use this padlock to lock him up. If you want somebody’s wealth to be transferred to you, you can use this to do that.”

He kept explaining all the terrible things his items could do. From where did that man acquire all those things he was selling? From the market of darkness. There is a market in the spirit realm where the lives of men and women have no meaning to them, where strange currencies are used to trade. People put down things they should not put down. Some put down their wives, husbands, children, etc.

Their agenda is to downgrade men. In that market, wrong is right, and right is wrong. In that market, they specialise in converting the judge into the accused. The younger is promoted far above the elder; their cargoes are things that should make other people prosper. They traffic in organs of the body. 

Quote: Stop them before they stop you.

Prophetic Decree: Any virtue that has been cleverly stolen away, recover them, in the name of Jesus. 

Prayer Focus 

1. I repent of any conscious and unconscious covenant with soul traders, in Jesus name.

2. I recover my destiny from the hands of soul merchants, in Jesus name.

3. I renounce any transaction with soul merchants in the time of my ignorance, in Jesus name.

4. I recover my virtues in the confines and coffin of soul merchants, in Jesus name.

5. I decree, my soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler, in Jesus name.


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