DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post November
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Sat., Nov. 25, 2017

Bible Reading: Job 32:7-11 

Memory Verse: Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18 (NIV) 

Sometimes ago,  some expatriate came to a company. They discovered that gas was being flared into the atmosphere. They screamed aloud “Stop this gas flaring! You are throwing money away” My people perish because they lack knowledge. Their lack of knowledge and expertise made them blind to another stream of income.  The gas was a waste product of a combustion process in the company which could be transformed into another bye-product. This is called Recycling. Hence, knowledge broadens your horizon and places you on a platform where you can rule your world and dominate all circumstances.

If you must continually see hidden treasures you must be baptized in the Holy Ghost, who is the source of all inspiration. Also, you must daily feed your mind with relevant information and learn to pay attention to details. Information should not only be sourced but neatly tracked.  Go for that extra training and certification. Nothing should make you stop at the level of school certificate; not even the death of your sponsors (God forbid).  Do not settle in mediocrity. The calling of God upon your life is also not a license to settle for less in the school of life. God is raising “Prophetic Professionals” in this generation. You can be a man of God who is highly anointed and also well read doing exploits for God. Reject the spirit of average. Reject mediocrity. Reject your second best. Be the best and beat the best. You are blessed! Stretch full length; go full breadth and explore all depth. Receive grace to maximize this one live!

Quote: It is that extra training that places you on a competitive advantage.

Prophetic Decree: May your eyes of understanding be open, in Jesus name. 

Prayer Focus:                                           

1. I refuse to settle in mediocrity.  I will fulfill my destiny in a grand style, in Jesus name. 

2. Father Lord, increase my capacity for greater exploits, in Jesus name.

3. I curse every power of delay and stagnancy, in the name of Jesus.

4. I command rapid acceleration for all my expected breakthroughs, in Jesus name.

5. I break the backbone of the power of limitation of my father’s house, in Jesus name.

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