DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Sat Apr 29, 2017

Bible reading: Romans 6:22, Isaiah 3:10

Memory verse: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Proverbs 14:34(NASB)

Mrs. Josephine Agwu, works as a cleaner at the Murtala International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria where while cleaning one of the toilets at the airport on a particular day, she found a bag containing $27,000 which is 5.4 million in Naira equivalent.

Josephine took the bag to the security post at the airport for an announcement to be made for the owner to come forward & collect it, which was done.

The woman earns just 7, 800 Naira as her monthly salary for a 12-hours a day job. She was reported to have advised: “People should appreciate what they have. People do a lot of bad things because they are not happy with what they have. With the little I earn, I try to manage it well. If I can’t manage that small money that I earn, even if I begin to earn 1 million Naira, I will still not know how to manage it. So, I am telling every Nigerian to be happy in any situation they find themselves. Don’t be faster than your shadow because so many things will go wrong.”

Josephine says for showing such a remarkable decision, her company decided to increase her salary from #7,800 to #15,000 monthly and also the management of FAAN has promised to make her a permanent staff.

Meanwhile, the Lagos state House of Assembly in Nigeria at its plenary session decided to invite Josephine to the House to honour her for her honesty.

Quote:  To be honest as this world goes is to be one man picked out of a thousand.


Prophetic Word: May your attitude establish your altitude, in Jesus name.   

Prayer Focus

  1. Father Lord, help me to be honest in everything I do in Jesus name.
  2. Holy Spirit, conquer flesh in me, in Jesus name.
  3. Holy Spirit, sweep out every negative attitude away from my life, in Jesus name.

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