DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post November
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Fri., Nov. 3, 2017

Bible Reading: 1 Sam. 4:13-22

Memory Verse: And she said, The glory is departed from Israel: for the ark of God is taken. 1 Samuel 4:22

Signs that your glory is under attack include:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Failure at the edge of breakthroughs.
  3. Attack on the head in your dreamland.
  4. Promise and fail syndrome.
  5. Constant Failure.
  6. Inability to pass a particular exam: A particular brother despite his academic prowess could not pass Chemistry in his WASSCE having taken the exam several times, scoring high in other subjects.
  7. Stolen wedding ring or garment in the dream.
  8. Joblessness.
  9. Stagnancy.

10. Constant witchcraft oppression.

  1. Lack of destiny helpers.
  2. Environmental witchcraft contentions.
  3. Constant sickness.

25 Things The Enemy Can Do To A Glory: A glory can be (i) Bewitched (ii) Destroyed (iii)Maimed (iv)Attacked (v) Deflated (vi) Hidden (vii)Covered (viii) Manipulated (ix) Sat upon (x) Diverted (xi) Remote controlled (xii) Cut short (xiii) Burnt  (xiv) Fired /shot at (xv) Cursed (xvi) Trampled upon(xvii) Covered with thick darkness (xviii) Overturned  (xix) Transferred (xx) Polluted  (xxi) Buried  (xxii) Killed  (xxiii) Stolen (xxiv) Punctured (xxv) Tied down.

Quote:  The best time to fight for your glory is in the days of your youth.

Prophetic Decree: By the power of Resurrection, I call out your glory from any evil pit, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus:

Repent and confess all your sins. Then, plead the Blood of Jesus seven times before praying these prayers.

  1. My glory buried in the grave of my ancestral idols, come out by fire, in Jesus name.
  2. Thou evil cloud of darkness covering my glory, clear away by fire, in Jesus name.
  3. Cauldrons housing my destiny, vomit it by fire, in thr name of Jesus.
  4. I reverse by fire, every damage done to my glory as a result of any evil hand ever placed on me, in Jesus name.
  5. My Father, you are the King of glory, anoint my head afresh for uncommon exploits, in Jesus name.

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