DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Saturday, 27th April 2024

Bible Reading: Matthew 4:23

Memory Verse:  However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 7:21 (NKJV)

God’s servant, Apostle Arome Osayi wrote: I gave up two things to become anointed. We were taught that Jesus’ ministry was fourfold: He preached, He taught, He healed the sick and He casted out devils, so we were excited. We could teach, we could preach, so we decided to take the next one which is ‘healing’.

We started looking for sick people everywhere. Finally we found one that was terribly sick. We said, ‘we come in the name of the Lord’, we prayed for the sick person. The next time we heard from them, it was the burial ceremony they were preparing for.

And the reason why we were totally hopeless about the sickness was because we had the DESIRE without the INVESTMENT. A desire to see change, we had a burden to see transformation and we took off like a tornado, to force the hand of God to bring about a change, unfortunately for us, we didn’t discover that there was an investment, responsible for the kind of change we were seeking.

When we had one or two failures, we now came back to God to know what we were not doing well, we were hungry enough to know what the challenge was, then we found out that the only problem was that we were not ANOINTED!

We now said “How do we become anointed?”. I used to be a Chelsea fan, I loved Chelsea to the point that I bought their blue jersey. God said I should die to soccer. I’m not saying you should stop watching soccer. For me, soccer was a god to me, I won’t joke with it, I was addicted to it. So I had to leave it, I had to die to soccer.

I did it all for the Anointing. Dying to soccer was even the easiest part of the journey. God now said I should fast. And you know one thing about fasting, when you’re on serious fast, that’s when all the chicken, turkey, fried rice and everything would be showing up. I had to prove to God that those things do not occupy so much space in my life. I gave up soccer, I embraced Fasting!

You know, the challenge of Adam began from eating, if you’re going to be part of the solution to the problem of Adam, you must know how to refuse to eat most times. I took it up and I fasted. I fasted until by eyes began to bulge out, and I was like a specimen of an Aids victim. Fasted so much that I didn’t have appetite even when I wanted to eat.

When you see people say something and God backs them up, what you’re seeing manifesting is their level of obedience to the Government of the Holy Spirit. That’s how to be Anointed!

Quote:  There are general and specific prices for the anointing. There’s a price tag for the anointing. Some are general prices while others are specific prices.

Prophetic Decree: I silence the voice of your flesh hindering your spiritual progress in the School of Power, in Jesus name. 

Prayer Focus

1. My life, refuse to be empty of the power of God, in Jesus name.

2. Any weakness in me competing against the lordship of God, die, in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit, engrace me to release all of myself to you, in Jesus name.

4. O Lord, I am ready. Please give me specific instructions that will keep me in the room of power, in Jesus name.

5. Pride of self, Pride of grace, and pride of life in me, die, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Chronicles 6

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