DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Tuesday, 12th January, 2021.

Bible Reading: Lamentations 3:37, Hebrews 7:7, 2 Corinthians 4:8

Memory Verse: Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass, When the Lord has not commanded it? Lamentations 3:37 (NKJV)

There are some principles you must employ if you must convert your energy, idea and inspiration into finished products that will change the face of the earth and the way certain things are done in the world. They are called the principle of conversion. Such principles include:

1. The God factor:  Lamentations 3:37 (NLT), “Who can command things to happen without the Lord’s permission?”. Your lofty idea will fail after the order of the tower of Babel if it is for self-glory or vain glory and not to the glory of God or for the benefit of mankind.

2. Deep meditation: Many Christians pray but fail to trap what God is saying because they don’t engage their minds. Friends, your mind is a powerful tool that must be well developed. Sit down to perceive and receive what God is saying through your spirit to your mind after you have prayed especially while you pray in tongues. Prayer is a two-way communication. Man talks to God and God talks back to man. Without these two elements, such a prayer cannot be said to be effective.

3. Mentorship: You need someone who has done exactly or something similar to what you are about to do either in business, ministry or in any other endeavour in life. Don’t waste your limited resources due to pride and arrogance. Submit to a higher authority God will be bringing into your life to guide you. Never walk alone. In a multitude of GOOD counsel, there is safety.

4. Perseverance: Nothing will work until you patiently work it out over time without losing enthusiasm come what may. Friend, you need to put in a lot of work to see your idea come to reality. Can you do the same thing for 5 -10 years consistently? That’s the spirit!

5. Deal with the curse of delay.

6. Deal with the power of starting but not finishing.

7. Apply the Blood of Jesus on any limitations as a result of your parentage.

8. Reject procrastination.

9. Partnership: Have you got a business idea but lack the financial wherewithal? Why not share your ideas without revealing your “trade secret” to some investors. Please watch the program “Shark Tank” online at ABC.com

Quote: One idea (energy) lights a thousand candles – RalphWaldoEmerson.

Prophetic Decree: The limitations of your father’s house shall not stop your destiny this Year 2021

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father for your magnanimity over my life.

2. I dislodge any evil contention over my destiny, in Jesus name.

3. Super power in the Blood of Jesus, fight for my destiny this Year 2021.

4. My Father, please give me the gift of men this year, in Jesus name.

5. I refuse to die with any of my destiny dreams and vision unfulfilled, in Jesus name.


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