DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post January
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Saturday, 20th January, 2018.

Bible Reading:  Gen 18:1-15

Memory Verse: And he said to him, “Say now to her, ‘Look, you have been concerned for us with all this care. What can I do for you? 2 Kings 4:13a (NKJV)

Abraham gave three heavenly beings a delicious delicacy. He prepared bread and lavished a whole calf for just three persons! You remember the same way the Alabaster woman lavished a costly perfume at the feet of Jesus. Abraham lavished these heavenly beings with great hospitality. Then, they made a decree not minding Hannah’s unbelief. The long awaited promise child, Isaac came forth a year later after twenty five long years of waiting.

God expects you to get better in the service of hospitality to His ministers. In 2 Kings 4:8-17, the Shunammite woman did not receive anything special from Prophet Elisha when she only provided him with food. But, as soon as she made a house for him, she brought the altar of God permanently to her abode, and her miracle child dropped from heaven. I perceive as a rich woman, God expected a higher level of hospitality from her and not mere skeletal services. Get right the demands of heaven and secure your long awaited miracles in no time.

Permit me to teach you an ancient wisdom. When you have prayed to God on a particular matter and it looks as if answers are not forthcoming, then look for a service or seed to sow into the life of His chosen servant. It serves as a Divine seal to your prayers (2 Timothy 2: 19)

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR:  Genesis 25 – 26

Quote: Hospitality to God’s servant provokes timely manifestation of promises.

Prophetic Decree: Hospitality is the pathway to the Divine seal of God over your needs.

Prayer Focus:

1. Thank you Lord for your Word of faith and life.

2. Father provoke me to give sacrificially unto you.

3. Father, give me a Divine visitation, in Jesus name.

4. I will not miss the day of my Divine encounter, in Jesus name.

5. I receive a heart of love, care, giving and hospitality, in Jesus name.

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