DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Tue Apr 4, 2017

Bible reading: Luke 16:9-13.

Memory Verse: No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.Luke 16:13 (KJV)

The word “mammon” appeared in the Bible four times, and three of those times Jesus said it. It is from the Greek word “mammonas”. Similar root words exist in Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic, Chaldean and Syriac. They all translate to “money, wealth, and material possessions.” In our memory verse, Jesus wasn’t simply referring to riches; He was referring to a false god that they knew. The Syrians had a god called mammon, and it was the god believed to give riches.

Mammon has its roots in Babylonian history and essentially means “sown in confusion.” Babylon came from the tower of Babel. The tower of Babel was a system where they believed they didn’t need God. They believed their own work could get them high enough to get to heaven. When the spirit of mammon influences us, we believe we don’t need God if we have money. The spirit of mammon is a spirit that contrasts itself with the Spirit of God. It is an arrogant, prideful spirit that tries to replace God. Jesus said, “You can’t serve God and mammon.”

Mammon promises us everything that only God can give us: identity, security, significance, happiness, joy, peace, & love. Mammon can never deliver on its promise. Mammon is the spirit of antichrist. The spirit of antichrist does not rule through the threat of nuclear war. The spirit of antichrist rules through the threat of not being able to buy and sell — “If you don’t bow to me and take the mark of the beast, you won’t be able to provide for your needs.” All through our lives, the devil is trying to get us to bow, serve and worship mammon … and Jesus is saying, “No! God is the only one that can provide everything you need!” The worship of mammon can show up in many ways. It isn’t always through a continual lust for more money. When you envy others’ wealth, when you are anxious over potentially unmet needs, when you disobey God’s directives about the use of wealth, or fail to trust God’s love and faithfulness; our thinking is out of balance concerning material wealth. Mammon is used to describe all lusts and excesses: gluttony, greed, and dishonest worldly gain. Ultimately, mammon is described as an idol of materialism which many trust as a foundation for their lives.

Sometimes ago,  some guys from a particular University who wanted to buy 40 Million Naira Hummer jeep were later discovered to have used their girlfriends for money rituals. Again, a man once disvirgined three of his daughters as a pre-requisite to being rich as said by his herbalist. Money rituals, gambling, “yahoo-yahoo” (internet money scam), etc, are some of the practices of the spirit of mammon.

Quote:  It is either money owns you or you own money.

Prophetic Word:

The spirit of mammon will not prosper in your life in Jesus name.

Prayer points

1. I bind and cast out the spirit of mammon away from my life, in Jesus nam

2.I cast out every activity of the work of the flesh away from my heart in the name of Jesus

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