DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post July
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Sunday, 9th July, 2023

Bible Reading: Psalm 121: 6-8

Memory Verse: The sun will not hurt you during the day, nor the moon during the night. Psalm 121:6 (GNT)

Mysteries! Do you know there are diseases peculiar to some people immediately the sun rise each day? O yes! In the School of deliverance, there are carefully concealed mysteries. The sun, one of the three triangular bodies can work for or against a person. May the sun of your children’s destiny never set at dawn, in Jesus name.

The Patriarchs of Old understood deep mysteries. Joshua knew this mystery and commanded the element of the sun to work for him against the battle of the Amorites. “On the day the LORD gave the Israelites victory over the Amorites, Joshua prayed to the LORD in front of all the people of Israel. He said, “Let the sun stand still over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Aijalon.”

Joshua 10:12 (NLT). Till today, the Scientist tells us that the earth has not fully recovered from that prophetic decree. What do you think is responsible for a leap year? Wait a minute, beloved. What do you think the Psalmist was saying when he said, “The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night” (Psalm 121:6). That means the sun could be demonically conjured to smite a soul during the day, and the moon could be demonically empowered to smite a person by night. Take note of the word, “smite”.  

To smite is to give a heavy blow or stroke with a weapon or the hand. This definition infers there are very wicked powers in the second heavens with a potential to use elemental bodies such as the sun and the moon to cause a serious harm to man. Now, raise up your hands to the heavens. Shout this loud and very clear: Powers using the sun and the moon to afflict my life day and night, loose your hold and die, in Jesus mighty name.

One of God’s General once shared a testimony of how God delivered a woman that becomes very violent as soon as it is 12 midnight. Mind you this happened in Europe. If you think the wickedness of this world is only restricted to third world nations, you deceive yourself. The ignorance of man is the greatest asset for the carefully concealed work of the enemy to blossom exponentially. Today, I decree that no more shall the sun smite you by day nor the moon by night, in Jesus mighty name.

Quote:  There are evil personalities that draw powers from the sun and the moon.

Prophetic Decree: Today, the sun and the moon shall stand still until God avenge himself of your enemies, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus
Before these prayers, please cover yourself in the pool of the Blood of Jesus and repent from every known and unknown sin.

1. Powers using elemental bodies to afflict my soul, die, in Jesus name.

2. Any native doctor standing at crossroad and programming curses to the earth, sun, moon and stars against my destiny shall die suddenly, in Jesus name.

3. I return any evil words programmed into the sun, moon and stars against my life, back to the sender, in Jesus name.

4. Blood of Jesus, laminate me from every assault of the sun, moon, and star, in Jesus mighty name.

5. I receive divine immunization against all the counsels of the evil ones using the sun, moon, and star, in Jesus name.

6. White garment witches drawing powers from the moon against my life in the hour of the night, die a double death, in Jesus name.

7. After the order of Joshua, I receive power to rule over the elements of the earth, in Jesus name.


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