DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post October
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Sun., Oct. 1, 2017

Bible Reading: 1Cor.6:9-11, Mat. 7:21-23.

Memory Verse: “Look! I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me to repay each person according to what He has done. Revelation22:12 (HCSB)

Continued from last quarter…

The next day the lady committed another crime and was sent to the same court. As soon as she entered the courtroom, she saw the man who interceded on her behalf the previous day now on the judgement seat. He was no longer a lawyer, but a judge. With smiles on her face the lady said ‘I have come again’.  The man lifted his head and said ‘Yesterday I was a lawyer, so I fought for you, though you were guilty. But today, I am a judge and my judgement must be right.’ With tears in the ladies eyes she asked for the second time “Who Are You” and the man replied “Yesterday I was your Saviour, but now, I am your Judge”.

Today, Christ Jesus is our Lawyer and Redeemer, but a day is coming when He will give a right judgement to everyone. Jesus is coming soon, how prepared are you to meet Him? Depart from every known sin, today.

Quote: The teeth a dog uses to play with her puppies she also uses to bite them – Proverb

Prophetic Decree: By the mercies of God, you will not end your journey in hell, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

  1. Every plantation of hell in my life, be uprooted by fire, in Jesus name.
  2. Holy Spirit, help me not to take your grace for granted, in Jesus name.
  3. Every grip of sin: masturbation, homosexualism, lying, stealing, unforgiveness, gossiping and other works of the flesh, be broken by fire, in Jesus name.
  4. Father, make me a heavenly candidate, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Prepare me for your good works, O Lord, in Jesus name.

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