DWOJ Daily Words of Jesus Devotional Post April
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Monday, 12th April, 2021

Bible Reading: Psalm 127: 1-5

Memory Verse: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord. Romans 12:11

William James Sidis (April 1, 1898 – July 17, 1944) was an American child prodigy with exceptional mathematical and linguistic skills. He entered Harvard at age 11. He had an extremely high IQ of 260 far higher than that of Albert Einstein of 160, and Isaac Newton of 190. Sidis could read The New York Times at 18 months. By age eight, he had reportedly taught himself eight languages (Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian) and invented another, which he called “Vendergood”.

Shortly after graduation from Harvard, he told reporters that he wanted to live the perfect life, which to him meant living in seclusion. Sidis vowed to remain a celibate and never to marry, as he said women did not appeal to him. Later, he developed a strong affection for Martha Foley, who was one year older than him. He lacked the emotional stability to withstand the assault of older students hence withdrew from his teaching appointment, and dropped out of Law school. Later on in life, he obsessively collected streetcar transfers, and did other menial jobs. Sidis died from a cerebral hemorrhage (the same malady that killed his father at age 56) in 1944 at age 46.


1. Sidis’s parents, who were also very intelligent loved knowledge, but their methods of parenting were rather too extreme. A good intention by parents could go wrong if not well guided. Parents should help their children discover themselves but allow them to chart a career path for themselves.

2. Sidis had the potential to be the best scientist who ever lived, but he died like a nobody. There is more to life than academic intelligence. You need the God factor.

3. If care is not taken, an extreme focus on only one aspect of life could negatively impact other areas of life. Strive to live a balanced public and private life. It is possible to be spiritually upright, academically sound, and at the same time emotionally balanced.

4. If you deal with the powers that dealth with your parents, you will soon become another version of them. Prayerfully deal with your foundation.

Quote: The foundation of anything you would ever be is in Jesus. 

Prophetic Decree: The activities of star hunters and star gazers are paralyzed in your life, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus

1. Thank you Father because You are committed to making me fulfill my glorious destiny.

2. I refuse to be another version of my parentage, in Jesus name.

3. I receive wisdom for godly parenting, in Jesus name.

4. I receive wisdom to live a balanced life, in Jesus name.

5. I pull down any altar in my parentage afflicting my star, in Jesus name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Samuel 15-17

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